Suffering Transmuted to Being A Master Alchemist In Your Life

Suffering Transmuted to being A Master Alchemist In Your Life!

By Sitara Ansari, B.A (Hons)

One of the issues surrounding our planet is suffering. Suffering exists in some form or another. Either within ourselves or in someone else. Its all the same thing in essence. This planet does not recognize names, it recognizes vibrational tones or people’s signature patterns.


However it’s really important that by recognizing someone else’s suffering we do not fall into the trap of dis-empowering ourselves.

Rather it is SO, SO, SO important to realize that amidst suffering is a great and beautiful opportunity, blessing and divine power to show this planet your true vibration as a master alchemist in your life!


By the principles surrounding this universe and divine laws, when we focus upon the problems of others, and feel terrible for them  suddenly we lose power to help our self or anyone else. It begins to become a losing situation.


Master Alchemists know that instead of feeling this terrible pain or sense of guilt, you transmute over to focus on a SOLUTION, (from your heart space). The heart can never lie, so the ideal and true solution’s to every issue, problem you face is right there.

Anytime you face suffering you can transmute it in the following ways:

1. Detox by eating healthy and removing toxins which may exist in your body which can aggravate more suffering. Eating fresh food from Gaia is very beneficial for your body.


2. Take up a hobby; something creative you enjoy

(including exercise!)


3. Take a walk in nature or sit in the park alone. Being alone with nature is a great way of allowing it to heal your suffering!


4. Stay away from negative people and situations which bring you down.


5. Accept, Allow, And Let go! Own your inner peace through self love, and meditation.



God, divine, always has the answer to every problem and every problem on this planet can be solved by feeling with the heart. Compassion is one of the highest vibrations but when it is mixed with loving solutions,  the master alchemist is truly powerful!



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3 thoughts on “Suffering Transmuted to Being A Master Alchemist In Your Life

  1. It is very true … A great article..
    It’s a very good way to approach empathy without falling into pitty.
    Thumbs up :)

  2. Love and compassion truly is the needed way of living.
    Solving anything with love/heart always beats solving it with only intellect, especially for a lasting result. As you say Star, “..every problem on this planet can be solved by feeling with the heart.”

    Great article!

    Love and Light Always! <3

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