Herbal Health Care: My Way of Using Mother Earth’s Goodies!





Today I made a tea tree oil and peppermint shampoo “round” bar (to use on my hair) and some Herbal Blue Soaps!

 Tea tree wonder from Mother Earth, has been famous throughout the ages for its 5th dimensional healing factor. I combined peppermint, lavender, rose, also for additional benefits!




Tea tree & Peppermint also suits all skin types and excellent at treating skin conditions!


It is also excellent because it contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties, which means its super healthy and cure’s variety of skin conditions, pretty fast!

(Unlike normal shop brought chemical infested variants which can cause itchy, dry skin!)



So I made a shampoo bar and herbal beauty soaps today… unlike shop made ones, mine’s has very little chemicals, and I love it!

I will be sharing this with all the family.



Here are few pics of the Herbal process:

    1.   melting / mixing process

herbal kitchen (1)


     2.   My Shampoo shown here in Liquid form (peppermint & tea tree oil extract)



   3.  Now Making the Hint of Lavender, Rose and Tea Tree Herbal Soap, mixing and setting



   4.   These are the “setting stages” for the Gaia- Blue- Sky soap’s I’ve created:

herbal kitchen (1)

herbal kitchen (1)


   5.   Once the blue – sky herbal soaps have set, I take them out to relax:


herbal kitchen (1)

 Shampoo bar resting Mode:




   6.   Finally, the tea tree oil & peppermint shampoo round bar are ready to use and pack!

herbal kitchen (1)



   7.   Finished! I had a lot of fun creating this, with 0 chemicals used, thank you Mother Gaia!

glossy shine


For Glossy Hair & Skin!

end result

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Thank you so much for visiting this wonderful website!
Sitara -Expansion is a Well-being,  Spiritual And Healing Website
 bringing you only the BEST in holistic and higher dimensional Galactic information.


My name is the ancient Sanskrit word for Star and that is my birth name.

I am a child descended from the stars bringing with me the skills I need here to help out with the Divine plan. This is my soul purpose.

To learn spiritually,

AND to help myself and others the best I can ♥

Light Codes Earth ET Language


My life has been truly transformed for the better by my ongoing connection with the star nations and beloved Galactic family members who wish Earth, our mother continued peace and joy since the start of her development! They wish love onto this planet everyday! They work with the Angelic forces. My aim here on this planet is to share what I have learnt openly about them and about life in general. I adore the Divine very much! ♥

A trained Ambassador from the Galactic -Goodly- Angelical Dimensions

And also a Galactic Priestess from different Divine dimensions /worlds:

Andromeda – Sirius-Pleadian-Lyran-GALACTIC -

My nickname by the Galactic Goodly Angelical Beings is “Little Goddess” or “Konyu Devi” . I am here incarnated on Earth at this time to share what I know from my home world to enable faster healing processes. I believe living from the purer essence and having a blissful experience whilst not taking anybody for granted is the key to success of Earthly life!♥

I love being happy!♥

This site is from the galactic, cosmic heart and a true gift for everybody. Prime Creator is the ALL and Knows ALL that is Love and Peace.♥

Helping other’s achieve their ultimate best and heal them is one of my passions since I was born! This led me to extensively study into the realm of alternative medicine, energy work and metaphysics, sociological and dimensional space, holistics, higher realms, Dance and music meditation, Art visualisation processes and much, much, more! I am also a College Graduate with a Bachelor Honours Degree.

I am a Intuitive Author, Teacher, Soul Reader and a Holistic Health Practitioner.

I love what I do and inspire to do better and better for myself and for those around me ♥

So, with the help of my dearest’s we have created this site to allow the greater expansion and growth into what we truly believe in our hearts so that we can help. others in a much broader way. This is the expansion we ALL came to Earth for!

Peace and Love Always,

Sitara. ♥


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Chakra’s AND Angels!♥


Chakra’s, Implants & Angels!

I had a question from my lovely friend, about the chakra system being an implant and its relation to Angels.

And how do I feel about this idea? and people removing their chakra’s as they feel its an implant.

I wanted to share the response with you since you may have come across people saying similar things/ideas.

I offer a perspective.


I agree that Our original state was to have energy that emits from our “Core” or Sun/Star in the Chest ie  Solar-Plexus area. This is still true today.

The 5th dimensional beings (including the Galactics) still have this wonderful system  in their body.

I agree also that a lower vibrational entity cannot access a human being’s core because of the ultra high frequencies located therein,

so the best way to access this pure energy is to use the Chakra system…

Therefore yes, the chakra system can be abused.


  • To shutdown Chakras, does not make one immune to implants, because there are constantly signals being sent out which impact the auric field/ human aura… by those who seek to control… 24 hours… 7 days a week….
  • The astrals never stop *trying* to disrupt humans they can come at a person in dreams, or wake state, regardless whether a person *shuts* off any chakra.
  • Also negative entities can still implant elsewhere, (other than a chakra system) since energies run all over *merideans* in the body!!
  • we have thousands of points they can enter, one is being via the feet!!


Of course if someone feels *safer* to do shut the chakras down, let them….

That’s their free will and their choice. But its not totally necessary to do that to *ascend* ;)

This system of shutting down chakra’s all sounds like a type of fear mongering too. People on this planet have ascended with chakras, such as ascended masters, so its not the end of the world.


The angels, (if we call them) are always there to balance the crap energies out! (within the chakras) so we don’t get stuck!! We are not alone to deal with crap alone!!

Because the archangels correspond to the chakras….

So really and truly, faith, perseverance and calling upon our guides/ angelic team and sticking to positive food, people, being creative & having fun,maintaining a healthy body all help to alleviate any crap to do with chakras !!

It also ensures we will maintain a high vibe, but because we are in 3d, we cannot totally close down our systems…. Because it’s the energy of the chakra’s… which flow upward to prime creator

(if utilised properly) !

If you believe you will advance spiritually, and go higher regardless what happens, YOU WILL, and no chakra will be able to stop you!!!

You ARE a soul with a body, the body is a temple, but it cannot control the soul!!


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FOR YOUR SOUL: Inspirational, Cosmic, Galactic BLISS! ♥


The One is Love, a Creator Artist,

This is Art for the Soul ♥

The following are reproduced images I’ve co-created

from the Wonderful Galactic-Higher- Cosmic -realms.

I hope you enjoy them!

galactic cosmos



Smaller Version Of Metratrons Cube geometric used to open Star Portals in Cosmos.







Language-Information Images

 Used For Well-being, Balance, Peace:

Star Portal Activation & Opening

Angelic Symbols Place of Well-being -Pleiadians – Arcturians



Pleiadian symbol used in Atlantis & Lemuria:





An Arcturian Fleet Team, (Within The Ashtar Command) Galactic Federation Emblem:

Arcturian Emblem

Arcturian Team, Fleet Galactic

Light Codes Transforming Earth right now via ET Light Language

Light Codes Earth ET Language


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All Proceeds go towards Admin & Earth Charities, this is not for profit. Many thanks to ALL clients who share this same beautiful vision!



“The Dolphin Answers was enjoyable read! It helped me understand clearer.

Thank you Star so much for your sharing.”

– C. Jeffery


“Sitara’s Soul Plan is simply amazing and beautiful. It helps me gain so much clarity in my journey and has definitely been greatly beneficial in my spiritual growth. The Soul Plan is simply and beautifully written and Sitara is patient and extremely helpful in answering all my questions. The Soul Plan is definitely a must-have for anyone who’s serious about their spiritual expansion!”

— Amaiah, Singapore



“Star thank you soo much! <33!! Words cannot express the enormous joy and upliftment I got from reading the report you made for me! First off I want to say huge thanks for taking your time to complete this so fast :) I thought I had to wait longer ! I think this is exactly what I needed right now in my life, When I read this I felt so touched deep in my soul, things I couldn’t put a finger on now lay before me written and so easy to understand. Everything that I read resonates 100% with me, and it really touched me!”  

- J.Schill





 Chakra Insight Healing:

“It was a wonderful healing.

I feel really harmonic and balanced and serene :) .

Thank you so much for the help, really good job!

I will recommend you to others :) !

Lots of love <3<3<3 .”

-S. Ademaj 





“Hi Star ~ thank you so much for the blessing of this soul plan. This was exactly what my heart~soul needed to hear.Thank you so much. I appreciate everything.


i love you, “






 Chakra Insight Healing:


“I thank You so much for the helping hand, and special thanks for Your wonderful uplifting encouragement.

I really appreciate that <3

I have now decided to take action on some of the things I want spirit wants me to start on - or have wanted for a long time..And I really am looking forward to smoother days ahead! 


Blessing to You dear Sitara <3 “

-M.T Sætersdal




“Thank you so much for this wonderful report, I was reading it this morning (in my time) and it really confirms my strong heart feeling…Your report also confirmed about my soulmate in Japan, it said that I will meet someone so important, About a business, thank you… I always had my eye set into business because they are my key to get massive funding for HUGE project that my soul families (Soul group!) and I have been aiming to develop that help changes the world for the better.. Especially uniting the world!  I just couldn’t believe your report accurately stated THAT! I was so surprised and I am truly impressed… “

- D Salazar



“Answers from the dolphins is an amazing book offering real knowledge and insights regarding life in the ocean.
This book clearly shows the true interactions between the dolphins and life under all it’s forms. I recommend this wonderful reading to anyone seeking ancient knowledge or their soul purpose.

The SOUL PLAN Record provides relevant and good information too, it helps to understand my soul purpose and the different lessons we’re here to learn. It’s really good reading and helped me to reconnect with my true nature.”




“Hi my dear Star,

WOW!!….. :-) :-) :-)    <3

The reason I have not written and thanked you until now is because I dont know how to express or formulate what I feel. Im so happy!!
The part of the report describing me is amazingly accurate (if I go by what other people say about me).

Thank you a million for this beautiful work you did for me :-)
Lots of love to you.”

-J Carlfelter



” Star…..I finished your book last nite (Answers With The Dolphins)……it was lovely and heartfelt…..and the dolphin frequency was calm and deeply healing.  I would read a bit and then stop and just float in the frequency……I’m still floating in it never got a connection before like i got with your book….”

- FW



“Star ~ Thank you so  very much for writing the book for the Dolphins. It is deeply healing on so many levels…Namaste Hiku!”

- K.T



“I am blown away with your accuracy and your promptness in doing this Soul Plan.

You are such a clear channel. You are incredible!!!

I love you so very much!!! “




“Thank you for the Soul report you did for me recently, it was quite a lot of information to soak in, and upon receiving it things in my life started blowing up (in a great way).

Seriously, right after I got done reading it, it was like so many things fell into place on their own, and I started to finally just “get it”.

But, yes, BEAUTIFUL job – my guides even commented, saying that “This is a MASTERpiece”.

My many thanks and gratitude again.

Love, light, blessings <3 “






“Hello!  Thanks so much for the video, honestly it means so much to me!  I really appreciate your good advice, I really needed it!  Words do no justice here XD I’d give you a giant hug!

Thanks again!! “

-Cameron Watt 



“Dearest Brightest Star ~ i want to thank you for all you do to make things as simple and easy as possible for us all. Your dolphin book is so incredibly healing and filled with beauty full ideas images resonances i have been reading it over and over lol.

And now you have a new one! I want you to know how grateful i am to the Universe for you!!!”

- K.TH




Thank you so much for all of the information found in “Answers From The Dolphins”.

Thank you so much.






Answers from the Dolphins:

This is THE best book I have read all My life. Honestly!

I did not want it to end :-)

In the last couple of days you have filled so many gaps in my spiritual understanding…

Thank you a million dear Star <3 .”




“Dear Star,
I’m so happy that you did mine,  
It’s great to find out that my life plan is clear and found out what all the lessons/tests and challenges presented to me are.
It makes a lot more sense to me now, where I am going and what needs to be done. I’m happy to say that your plan gave me a real boost to my own conclusions.
My inner knowing was indeed that I have starseed connections (atlantis) so good to learn from you all these things, the puzzle fits.

thank you a million times and more!!


H. Vijfschaft


“Dear Sitara,  thank you for doing this Soul Plan for me. Everything that you said fit with my life, Thank you so much.  You are such a lovely being & I truly appreciate to have you do this for me.

  I  am sending much love to you.


R. Wiggins






“Hi dear! Thank you so much,I enjoyed it so much!

For my best I’ll pursue what you wrote

Thank you so much again and much love!!!”

D. Cusma









“Sitara! Thank you so much!

A door is been opened, a treasure revealed,

Behind the Soul Plan report is so many words and dreams, so many things unsaid that comes to the surface now.

I met my soul, like a long lost friend, talking without end, playing, dreaming.


Thank you for bringing my soul back to me!!!!!

lots of love,”

Rudolph. S


“Thank you for my (soul plan)! I reference back to it for helpful reminders. I have just recently have found a few sacred places where I can go to be alone to connect with source. Thank you! “

T. Bastian


“I resonate with a lot of the info.

The Soul Plan report was amazing , interesting and very helpful.

The report described me very good.

Once again thanks ♥♥”

S. Khushal





“Star….the soul plan was beautiful.

 Opened me up to deeper soul searching.

It is good for it gave me a bigger picture….the format is very beautiful….I see why you got honours…

I must say it was an accurate picture…

love you..


-W. B





“I’m reflecting on this soul plan now… this is great and very helpful info and advice here, it certainly sounds like you know me, and have even pointed out some things I hadn’t necessarily noticed or realized.

I have gained a great deal of clarity and inspiration as well. 


I can’t possibly thank you enough! <3

So much love and gratitude <3 .”

L. Veritas





” I just wanted to say I enjoyed your book “Shining Abundantly Holding High Vibrations

-Keys for Success In Creating Your Ideal Life”


……loved the frequency…..

.I also enjoy the simplicity and groundedness of it…all very practical..

love you lots..”

- A.B





STAR, I’ve been reading your ANSWERS WITH Dolphins book a few pages a day…

I really look forward to my chat with the dolphins!

You are most privileged to receive this information and well done for being their messenger!


“Thank you so much for the Soul Plan Report, Sitara.

It was excellent,

 Some of it is indeed accurate.

And thank you for answering my questions.

I certainly will follow your advice with an open heart and faith.

Here’s to love and life–cheers!!! : )


Lot’s of love.”

F. Fassil





“Thank you for the Soul Plan,

 Yes, it’s very helpful!

Thank you very much for all this!.”

M.Adrian. F




“Thank you so much for the soul plan and GOD bless you.Yes it helped me clear my soul path in this lifetime.  Thank you very much Star!”









thank you so much for the work you have done for me! I found many, many of the words you wrote resonating with me. Some served as a pleasant confirmation in an energizing way, others allows me to focus more on what I need to do –  I am grateful for reading my soul plan – I did extract the strongest points in a one-page printout for my bedroom wall. thank you!


love and gratitude,”







“Oooooh my God…. :O You’re really going up and beyond to answer the

questions! This really melts my heart away :D . Thank you and thank you

very much for your attention.

Love and infinite blessings “






“Dear! Very accurate description of what I am.

 I really appreciate it and I can’t stop reading the soul plan again and again.

It gave clarity to unanswered questions and gives me direction right now on what to improve on.

 Thank you so much!

My wife agrees to all the information that the soul plan contains and soon we’ll be requesting her very own soul plan as well as the kids.. so we can be knowledgeable on how to help each other. 

Be Blessed dear!  Regards!”

- J.Tabunar





“Thank you very much for the thorough report Sitara.

I enjoyed reading it for sure. 


I will use your report as guidance and work on building my intuition and loving myself again. I know I was meant to do great things in this lifetime.


I appreciate your help. Much love,”

- S. Hassanzadeh




“Hi Sitara, salaam.


Many-many thanks for the report.

 It confirms many of my subconscious discernment.


Also thank you very much for the information on the prophet Muhammad (SAW).  


Again many thanks, I hope you don’t mind if I contact you again in the future for consultation.  


Much love and salaam


-M A Ingratubun


PS; You have very strong loving energy. :)   “






“Thank you very much for the soul plan record.

It is very informative and describes me accurately.


It’s interesting what you had stated about healing others, 

one of the goals of this lifetime. 

I developed this interest in crystal healing back in early 2013, 

just after New  Year’s Day. 

I never thought about this prior and it just entered my consciousness.  ”


-G. Maratea






“Hi dear, that was really fast work.

I really felt that the vibration and the information was really correct.

Thank you so much for the soul plan, wow!

It was really lots of good info and so correct!!

I’m very thankful :D !

-Love Sabina.”





Thank you so much for Insight Healing!
I really appreciate that you sent angel to my father!
Lots of love and guardians to you!

- S. E Ademaj




“Thank You so much Sitara for 

Your detailed description <3

  I found Your Soul Plan Record helpful,

and I can recognize alot of the information.”


-M. Therese





“Thank you I enjoyed reading My Soul Plan!”

- A. S



Russian Scientists and researchers have already found  that our genetics CAN be reprogrammed and influenced by words and frequency. This lends credence to the fact that self healing, affirmations, intuition and other techniques can and really do work.




Spiritual teachers on Earth have always understood and taught that our human body is programmable by our very words and thought. This fact has now been scientifically proven.




This scientific discovery was found when Russian researchers joined forces with linguists and geneticists to explore the 90% of human “junk DNA.” They found that our DNA is not only responsible for building our body but also serves as data and communication storage.



They found that our genetic code also follows the same rules as the human language system. This is because the alkalines of our DNA follow rules and grammar just like our Earth languages.


The vibrational behaviour of the DNA was studied further by The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues. They found that living DNA will always react to language-modulated laser rays, only if the proper frequencies are used. 



This experiment highlights the power of wave genetics (the premise that DNA / Genes are subtly interconnected to their Environment by wave interactions and that genetic material can be manipulated by waves with certain resonant frequencies.)


Therefore it appears to be natural for our DNA to react to language and words.




It is wonderful to have a scientific explanation about how and why affirmations, prayers, etc can have  a strong, healing effect on the human mind and body. Using higher vibrational tools does lead to deep healing and wisdom within.

~ Love, Star!





blue wall


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Promote L*O*V*E

I am often asked about my feelings towards how to attract love or friendship in true life. I really believe in the power of affirmations or personal statements;  as long as they are believed in they will come to fruition in reality!

Words are used to communicate and affirmations can help draw in love and prosperity.


Encouraging words, loving words, kind words, all promote blissful surroundings.


It’s also very important how you say it and what feelings you put into it. The more you feel good when saying it, the higher the probability you are attracting what you want INTO your life!


Here’s a selection of 5 of my favourite statements which you can use to attract love!





You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include the following link at the top of the Article:



Former Defense Minister (Video)

Canada’s Former Defense Minister Says Aliens ARE Living Among Us

The video below highlights some of the events that have been happening on Planet Earth for a very long time!

RT (news) spoke to Paul Hellyer, Canadian minister of Defense in the 1960s who after his retirement PUBLICLY stated that we are not alone in the universe and some guests from outer space actually live on planet Earth alongside us:


“During the Cold War, 1961, there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying south from Russia across Europe. The Supreme Allied Command investigated for 3 years and decided that, four species – at least – had been visiting this planet for thousands of years.

How many [extraterrestrial] species are there? I used to think between two and twelve, but the reports that I’ve been getting from sources are that there are about 80 different species…”Tall Whites”…”Short Greys”…and some of them look just like us and you wouldn’t know if you walked past one on the street.

They come from various places. Different star systems – the Pleadis, Zeta Reticuli and several others…but in the past few months I have met [those] who made me aware that there are some in our own star system.”


RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios.


Watch RT Video 2014 ~




Canada’s Former Defense Minister says Aliens ARE Living Among Us





Love! ❤

The Universal Divine Speaks To You Via Blessings

Blessings as they are called in our society are a way in which the Divine speaks PERSONALLY to you. Blessings are your gift from the universal divine energy. Each blessing in your life that you can count today is a gift to you so thankfully love it, appreciate it, and share its message if you can!


Each blessing comes with it’s own divine message. With a blessing comes much peace and harmony.


Sometimes a blessing is taken away not to cause grief but to cause one to realise their ultimate potential ~ that you are a creative, expansive being ~ who has the ability to soar beyond what others think, do, or say~ who has the ability through free will and choice to exercise compassion, tolerance and invoke peace thus consciously bringing together your persona self with your soul’s core essence.Thus bringing about a  better, altered state of reality for yourself.


Creative beings who align to their light spark (soul) are able to make blessings out of any situation. They can then be content with whatever the outcome.




Love, Star! ♥





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How to Manage Your Empathic Skills


Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.This ability can be developed over time. It is a spiritual gift because it enables you to see the world from another’s perspective making you instantly understand feelings without attaching any pity, or blame.


There are different forms of empathy people use. Some empaths for example, may feel personal or emotional distress when coming into contact with a situation. Whereas another empath is able to understand the situation and not become so distressed out or anxious.



How empathy works is different person to person however there are ways to manage it so it helps bring happiness into your life.



I’ve listed 7 steps below to help manage your empathy.

You can use it whenever to help you:




1. See your empathy skill as a blessing. Embrace it.

2. Set the intention that it is OK to understand the pain of another, but at the same time allowing your own self to view it from a point of love, compassion and faith.


3. Make time to honour your spiritual ability by testing and working creatively with your empathic skills.

One way you can do this by visualising someone you know personally and visualising-feeling how they can be feeling that day.  You can draw it, or interpret it with another form of art.

4. Do not be afraid to take your sacred, divine space when you feel overwhelmed by the strong, emotional feeling from another.

5. Good Music or reading uplifting material can heal overwhelming feelings.

6. Do not neglect your own feelings and well-being over another’s.

7. Call the good angels daily to help you manage your empathic skills.




Empathy involves your compassion which is highly vibrating energy, ~summoning life force through you ~ to resolve any conflict, hardship and pain you may come into contact with whilst reaching out to help another.




When empathy is used properly it allows people, society and the world to genuinely prosper, grow and advance like we’ve never done before. It’s a beautiful thing!


Sometimes you may meet someone and feel an instant “like” or attraction and that’s part of your empathy skills coming out to play. It is a spiritual gift and most children have this skill perfectly attuned from birth.



Feel blessed to be empathic and learnt to to make it work for YOU. Research has shown empathy when used properly can make much happier lives so trust your empathic ability and work with it to create wonders in your life!



Love, STAR!






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