Creative Power, Creative Angels ~Thought Of Today ~

May 15, 2013

Creative Power, Creative Angels ~Thought Of Today ~

By Sitara Ansari, B.A (Hons)


Creator power and creative angels always understands that you are unique, valuable and worthy of being on Earth. You are worthy because  before you incarnated here you had something important to GIVE and OFFER to this planet, out of love. Life on Earth is a precious gift.


Some have forgotten that purpose or that gift, but that does not mean they will be punished since energy cannot be punished, or killed off, it can only ever be transmuted or TRANSFORMED.

In any case, creator power and creative angels know ALL life is worthy, and all life is preserved and respected. So when you remember thoughts like this, you automatically return to realignment, balance and bliss! Your life is valued and how you make it, is something you have the divine choice to make. Make good intentions, and it is assured only good energy will flow to you, and cultivate you, to grow and enhance your experiences in this lifetime.

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Reader's Comments

  1. Aligning oneself to the divine, letting events go without resistance, allow oneself to receive without expecting it … Miracles aren’t legends or “luck” .. We were made to be and create miracles …
    What are miracles but divine manifestations we didn’t expect at all.
    Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. All life is worthy, and Earth is a awesome Planet!

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