How To Cope When Bad Things Happen Around or To You


Don’t worry be happy is the old saying! Be fearless and be free!

However, in our daily real life it’s sometimes very difficult to be fearless about everything so our mind often wonder’s to thoughts of the past, present, future and into further worry or self judgement.


If something negative has happened to you regarding a life situation the following advice may help you like it helped a friend of mine:


Its better you know now then later when you’ve invested more time and energy into it. Its not nice to hear, its not nice to feel, its not nice to think about but it’s serving a form of closure stage for you to move on to better and newer thoughts, feelings, experiences about the subject.

This painful opportunity can be a way of you stopping your own hurt through stoppage of the repeating  “same” cycle/ ie situation again and again in your life.



Your lesson is to overcome this; and face your fear/ issue straight on. Everything in life boils down to choices. Because, the situation is not a true match for you; sometimes the painful things are the result. People, places, things come into our life because we “attract” that same vibration…  subconsciously a lesson has to be learnt for ALL THINGS in our life. That is a spiritual principle.


Don’t blame yourself or lose hope or think this will keep happening, remain focused through it and you will come out stronger and less defeated, I promise ;)


In life, you will face things that have the potential to hurt you down or make you stronger allowing you to tap into your true power. By the incredible human divine spark you can tap into your own fearless state of being anytime!

Always be led by your joy and peace, remember :

Stress can happen and its just human emotions going up and down that’s “all”.

You just have to rise above it and not judge yourself.

It’s your life purpose to be guided by your passion, your light!









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