Update: Life Plans!♥

As we are approaching into this year, some of us are being propelled in taking a another form of direction which is linked to our soul purpose here in this current lifetime.

Certain life plans are either coming to fruition or at the completion stage.

Many energy centre’s in Gaia have been activated now steadily over the years and some are still to be opened up in preparation for the years ahead!

If you find yourself being directed to a particular place :

♥ As always, use your heart and the divine love as navigation tool.
♥ Keep your auric field clear then you will know what exactly to do as the angelical guides are around.

I am aware that some are being recalled to places on Gaia which are aligned to their soul frequency and related to their star family and OR origin.

These places of vortex energies on Gaia are to be found, simply to increase the awareness within humanity consciousness and to allow higher energy flow into that given area,
which then impacts positively on the rest of our planet as a whole.
It also activates the DNA within the individual(s)
It increases stellar communication abilities which is needed for the *future*

Some go to a location to activate an energy centre so it operates fully functioning.

With possibility to allow distant light loving cousins from other realms access into the given realm ( by lovingly creating a portal/stargate on their behalf.)

These are usually pre planned life mission statements. You will know if you fall into this category.

The shift… is continuing….Peace and One Love !


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