3 Pleiadians Ten Power Symbols For The Subconscious Mind


~The Pleiadians: Ten Power Symbols For The Subconscious Mind~

All Proceeds go towards Admin & Earth Charities, this work is not for profit.
Thanking all clients who share the same vision!



All Proceeds go towards Admin & Earth Charities, this work is not for profit.

~The Ten power symbols have their origination’s in Arcturus, Andromeda, Pleiades, Sirius and Others, offered in this beautiful book.~



Sitara explains these power symbols and how you can use them. The Ancient galactic divine energy understand the power of symbols both in energy forms and in telepathy, and have used them to reach out and awaken others to the truth of the reality of this world.


 Using these ten power symbols can be geared towards your own personal growth which can  help a consciousness release and bring about the desired manifestation in your life and healing.


 This special Ebook from the collective pleiadian energy,  offers Ten  power symbols which are helpful tools in the creating of your reality and world.


Sitara , B.A (Hons) is an Author, Metaphysical Researcher and holds an Honours Degree in Media Society Culture and Communications.


 All proceeds from the sale of the book are not for profit but towards Admin and Earth Charities.~


~This book is from the galactic, cosmic heart and a true GIFT for everybody~


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The pleiadians_Front Cover-Resized


7 thoughts on “3 Pleiadians Ten Power Symbols For The Subconscious Mind

  1. One thing I really loved about this book was the way it was composed and written. I had goosebumps when viewing the arcturian symbol, it really melted my heart Sitara. Thanks for sharing the pleiadian symbologys because it helped me remember a past life in Lemuria. Cant thank you enough. Love you always Patricia.

  2. Sitara I also loved these images and the extra insight.
    I found this to be very helpful in reminding me of the key learning’s from the Pleiadians.
    Thanking you for this Great work!

  3. Connecting to the symbols within helped as I was in a bit of a depression. It Really uplifted me. I highly recommend this book.

  4. There is so much Truth in this :) this is a book that I will read over and over again, and get something more out of it each time thanks sister!

  5. I experienced wonderful clearing and healing. The energies were powerful and I could feel the intensity in different areas of my body. The feeling of lightness, burdens being lifted, and clarity have remained. So thankful

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