3.Investigating the Unseen With a StarSoul




Beyond Perception Questions: Investigating the Unseen Paranormal With a StarSoul

By Sitara Ansari, (B.A Hons)

All Proceeds go towards Admin & Earth Charities, this work is not for profit.
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An Amazing Read!


All Proceeds go towards Admin & Earth Charities, this work is not for profit.

Understanding the paranormal from a starseed perspective. Legends have told stories of ghosts, creatures, portals and time slips. Now many are demanding more information.


In Beyond Perception Questions: Investigating the Unseen Paranormal With a Starseed, Author and Researcher Sitara Ansari, BA (Hons) offers her unique perspective by answering questions put to her regarding the nature of the paranormal in this Ebook.


This book also includes images by Sitara, of other realities.

This book offers a glimpse and insight into the paranormal details.

This book is a must have for anyone interested in the  exploration of the paranormal.


Sitara’s life has been truly transformed for the better by her ongoing connection with her beloved Galactic family members and she shares what she has learned openly and honestly to help others on their path.

She is a trained Commander for the Galactic Federation and also a Galactic Priestess from Lyra and the Pleiades. She is here incarnated on Earth at this time to share what she knows from her home planet to enable faster healing processes. This involves living from the purer essence and having a blissful experience on Earth.



 ~All proceeds from the sale of the book are not for profit but towards Admin and Earth Charities.~


 ~This book is from the ~Galactic~Cosmic~ Heart and a true GIFT for everybody ~


Beyond Perception-Front Cover


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  1. I loved this and you’re other three books. Just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. The paranormal book imagery were fascinating and reading the personal story account was highly enjoyable helped me to understand the beyond world better. Thank you Sitara I Love you

  2. Hi Star This book was one I had to read twice and will most likely read again :-) It is a interesting book with so many insights into paranormal and what we should be tuned into really. It gave me hope. Thank you

  3. This one is truly unique and I liked the picture illustrations too. I wanted to learn more and this book helped.

  4. I really want to say that this book lived up to its title. when reading i felt my consciousness expanding. If you are on a journey of consciousness evolution, which we are all on then this book is intriguing. Enjoy.

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