2.Holding High Vibrations


Spiritual : Shining Abundantly,

Holding High Vibrations

-Keys for Success In Creating Your Ideal Life

By Sitara Ansari, BA (Hons)

All Proceeds go towards Admin & Earth Charities, this work is not for profit.



All Proceeds go towards Admin & Earth Charities, this work is not for profit.

This spiritual Ebook is a helping guide for anyone seeking knowledge on activating their higher vibration and creating their idyllic circumstances and life.This book also includes easy to follow abundance techniques used by Sitara that have been tested, on herself and others. 

Which help to heal and develop self improvement, including a simple technique used for activating light body.


 All proceeds from the sale of the book are not for profit but towards Admin and Earth Charities.


~This book is from the Galactic-Angel- Cosmic Heart and a true GIFT for anybody.~


Buy Now – Only – $10.99

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All Proceeds go towards Admin & Earth Charities, this work is not for profit.



Reader's Comments

  1. I’ve just finished reading this book Sitara and wanted to comment here. Thank you for it, it was so helpful to learn what I should be doing for self improvement because I had a bad circumstance in my life I could not get over 2 years ago, but this book helps me put it into perspective. It was so easy to understand too, I’m going to read it all over again. Love you so much! Patricia

  2. Thank you dear Patricia
    Lots of love <3

  3. I just wanted to say I enjoyed your book

    ……loved the frequency…..

    I also enjoy the simplicity and groundedness of it…all very practical..

    love you lots.

  4. Read this book over 3 times now thank you star… I see it as a work-book of spirituality, and I re-read to understand each one. It’s a good help for me!

  5. Your book is so good. Uplifting. This book showed me everyone can aspire to living the spiritual way.

  6. love you <3

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