The Galactic Kingdom of Deva: A Lightbeing Photo taken by me!!♥

The  Galactic Kingdom of Deva: A Lightbeing Photo taken by me!♥

By Sitara Ansari, B.A (Hons)


I was blessed enough to have taken a gorgeous photo of a light being from the DEVA~Galactic~ KINGDOM who was out helping the divine essence on mother gaia/Earth.

At the time I felt this beautiful energy close ♥

This beautiful light being in the following video was out in the nature. The Higher vibrational Deva’s are also called “Elementals” when translated into English. They are also known as the “Angelic Helpers of God/Divine”.


  • Please watch the ~video~ below, to know more about them, and how much they help with assisting Earth, the Divine essence, and how they are so, so beautiful!


You can look at the photo and feel this beautiful energy radiate!

This photo image is a divine blessing as they don’t usually have their photo’s taken

I share it because its spreading the ~galactic~ love and divine news that WE are never alone, on this beautiful, amazing, wonderful planet -our home- it is so loved! 

We are truly blessed! ♥


Watch DEVA and Light being VIDEO:




Thank You to the Beautiful Lightbeing and thank you Divine helpers for all you do to help this beautiful planet and humanity. 

Thanking Prime Creator always!♥


Photo & Video by: Sitara Ansari with permission of Loving Lightbeing

Copyright © 2013 Sitara Ansari. All rights reserved.



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