A New Day Mantra For You (simple & easy!) ♥

March 29, 2013

Here is a short and sweet Mantra that occurred to me today given by my Guide Angel.

You can use it too!


May it Inspire you! I find that simple and short  are the best mantra’s  because they are easy to remember!!


Mantra’s can be used like a “quick” tool to negate any negativity and transmute it to positive! ♥ So please feel free to use it, since it will definitely lesson any stress!

Much love! 



“TODAY is a brand NEW day,

I am content with what I have today!

Many More blessings are to come my way!♥”




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Reader's Comments

  1. Thank you for this beautiful mantra! Love and Joy~

  2. Thank you so much Kat ♥

  3. wonderful:) Take care.

  4. i work very hard in life so it nice reading your blog

  5. Usually in a wedding ceremony for example, the couple will wear the dress as maid of honor accompany the bride around, in order to better harmonization with the new best and wearing a dress or formal dresses. The wedding ceremony, the bride usually at least will choose two sets of Western and Chinese dress, there will be more festive red color.Bridesmaid generally only need a dress on it, style to be generous, not cumbersome.The color of the bridesmaid dresses should not choose red and black, thats the mantra

  6. lovin’ the mantra awesome.

  7. very useful information>thank you

  8. Simplistic, beautiful and so true. Peace x

  9. A year ago, the mother’s was very ill, this is helpful for me thank you

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