March 3, 2013
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Self Love & Expansion

Transcript Published Feb 2013

Sitara …on how self love is needed on the path to expansion and awareness… & its role as a cosmic law… from the Divine Perspective.

It is the most important thing you can give yourself today and everyday. It is your soul food. The soul bathes in and constantly IS the force which we call love.

It is through that divine higher knowing and higher vibration of love that we are able to self heal and effect our own internal molecular structure,
in this way we are able to empower ourselves.

This brings about a great healing.
On the flip side there are many things which exist in our modern society which is designed to take away self worth, self love, and self respect and self dignity. These things are fake, shallow, and break apart easily.

Try not to fall into that trap of a fake projection.
is not healthy or self loving it is toxic because it is against freedom and expansion.

Self love
is making that creative and critical choice of the heart which is to be free, expansive and lovingly orientated by making choices which feel good and empowering in all ways.

It is by self love we are able to transmute any negativity out and manifest greater things and attract more good things to us. This is the grand secret many ancients knew and tried to teach.

Jesus, Buddha mohammed all of them taught the art of self love…. And the easiest way to practice this is to wake up every morning , look out of the window at the sky..
and just be thankful of the gift of being alive… to be here breathing is a gift. You’re an expression of god’s gift to your parents. Therefore you are perfect expression of what god intended you to be. Now you have the ability to choose by free will what you wish to become.

this world is a school and you being here and getting to understand the higher nature of existence and things is a way of you knowing you are on the track to self loving and god / goddess self.

Self love is a journey, a process into the unknown but know that the angels are around you and constantly there to support humans through the various phrases of life.

Be at ease with who are where you are at this stage of your life.
it is for a reason and for a season.

nothing lasts forever in this world , the only thing ever lasting is love.
So Be free and be peace. Be self loving.


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Transcript for: “Our Evolving DNA, Atlantis and the Cloning issue”

– 28th Feb 2013-

Sitara talks about Atlantis, Lemuria and its connection to our evolving DNA strands. The subject of focus here is Cloning in our current society, from a Divine Galactic Perspective.

Welcome peace and blessings to you,

This is a broad subject which I will attempt to cover in this video. I had a question from a viewer of this channel and I will attempt to address this here.

This topic is good discussion point and good to know for many of us since it will help us empower ourselves through application of various techniques and knowledge.

Looking back throughout history there have been many cases of “clone” cases, now this has gone on from the time of atlantis to now… clones have been a “re-occurring case” on this planet.

Clones are not new concept to this planet. Its portrayed that way because very little is known about why, who and how it happens in many of the cases.

Now from the time of atlantis everyone knew that the human specie was the caretaker of this planet earth and that we were supposed to evolve and change, because the whole nature of this universe is about expansion and change….. nothing can stay the same all the time… it has to change it is part of cosmic law, expansion.

So now, we have disagreeable’s who through the lower vibrations of jealousy etc brought down lemuria, brought down atlantis, (and this was part of a higher plan of coursesince prime creator knew this will all happen) which introduced that lower aspect of control via introducing cloning to earth.

Now why control? Because the disagreeable’s knew our dna will be getting better and better… our dna is designed to be stronger and stronger, over time and space… they did not want that on earth,. They are all about destructing that dna… so they put cloning as a mechanism to hinder/ or stop that person, or animals / thing from its own evolvement for their own fun, control and pleasure. That’s how cloning first started from atlantian times…

cloning it didn’t happen in lemuria…

Then it progressed into our modern world… and now they say that their argument is that they want to help humanity cure their diseases via cloning etc etc…

This is wrong information since the dna is capable to cure all diseases by itself If its left alone to evolve… all that dna strand needs is love, fun, and affection by THAT its able to cure anything , therefore no clones/cloneship is needed.

Now going back to 2013 we know already animals have been cloned,,, humans also have been cloned, this is not hard to do when considering the complex dna animals have…

Humans compared to most animals species have less chromosomes, generally animals have more chromosomes and different sequence patterns compared to humans… so if they can clone a sheep in this way, trust me they can clone a human very easily.

Right now on this planet we have a % of humans who appear to be human form, or human (born to a mum and dad ) in a normal 2.4 family house, yet they are in fact hybrid and or totally cloned human vessals.

This is because they already know in themselves they are hybrid or clones but they cannot or do not possess emotions, or feel things with the heart as humans can do… this is because these cloned humans vessals do not possess a soul… just because something is created in a physical way (like in a lab) does not mean its made from love..

When god creates/ or this universe creates… or when we create from love… that energy is so powerful… it has a life force which contains soul energy or soul essence.

Those % of humans who appear to be humans but are in fact clones are aware they are and they are here just to hinder the progress of the evolution of this planet. They have their own missions, some are They are the ones who propagate & enforce war, & drama in everyday life or activities. You may know such people… they appear very life less, lack soul energy or warmth… and I mean reall “warmth”, cold eyes, things like this can show if someone you know is a clone or not or hybrid. The person also appears to suck life force energy and is toxic when you are around them.

So this is A FEW ways how you can tell a clone apart from a person with a soul.

Speaking on behalf of my self when I was young, and through out my life… I encountered hybrids people and also a shape shifters who was pretending to be human or something it was not… the first time I encountered such was when I was around 6 yrs old… a being turned up at the side of my bed… dresses in a very nice way… (pretending to be a member of the galactic family, which are good, and benign),
because I brought the skills to read energy I was not fooled by these entities and did not give my dna to them… they had seeked that… they want the evolved dna strands from star nations especially from higher realm…
so there is a cosmic principle and clause that before a starseed incarnates here they get full protection from star fleet, however if that starseed gives permission to the other malignant entity it will null the contract. Therefore with high level starseeds they have to ask for permission , it’s a contract clause that they cannot just “take” without a permission slip from that starseed,..

Now, There is a german term called A doppelganger referring to a double of a person. Now each of us, in this world has a potential double out there… this person doesn’t have to have the same dna as you but look like you exactly. This is because you made an agreement with this person or persons prior to incarnating, you will share a similar set of genetic features identical yet both be on different learning curves. This is somewhat fun… because you could be in one location and your doppleganger can be someplace else… and then someone says they saw you shopping in wallmart or tesco and it wasn’t you. This cases happens a lot in our society. It’s a way of expanding our minds… and expansion. God loves to have fun!

Therefore people who work for the army/ military can be cloned against their will to simply carry out assignments on various bases and not speak out to the public… its much easier to have cloned personale or personal whose dna or brain has been modified to be working for you then someone who could potentially speak out. Those who have tried have either been killed, or ridiculed… so you can see where I get a here.

Now I call these disagreeable who go around cloning soul stealers… because by playing around with dna they are able to find that particles/ particle/ cells memory which is linked to god… or god force or divine energy.. they want it.. they want that evolvment to god/ goddess which existed in the times of atlantis, they destroyed lemuria… they destroyed atlantis… because they don’t want humans to have this evolving dna to god/goddess self… so they go for the easy prey and try to play around… try to steal, dna and use it to help their own causes… and they have many… aside from control, is to create more of their own “kind” which is emotionless, lack of heart, empathy types, they want everyone to be the same, they don’t want people to stand out from the crowd, because if they do… they wont be clones… they be radicals, they be labelled with some disease or another too… just because they don’t want to follow the crowd of the cloned society.

SO we cant allow anyone to dictate who we are… we have the power to choose who we are and want to be… this is a divine blessing we all have.

Stay within your own power, that is a cosmic law… and that will help you along this journey you have chosen at this time on earth.
Peace & Blessings.


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Atlantis Wisdom & Energy Techniques!

Published 10/03/2013

Today I want to talk about an Energy technique that was used in the ancient civilisation of Atlantis. This technique can be used by yourself when you are stressed, unbalanced or ungrounded.
This technique was used in Atlantis to ground and balance energy in the body!

To do it, its very simple.

First move your hands forwards (palms facing upwards)
And then back towards you.

Move your hands gently over your crown chakra and shoulder
And gentle flicking out —-ensures the negativity energy will be removed form your physical body. —you will instantly feel lighter!

I ensure you if you do this 3 times ( anytime you feel stressed, )
you will feel more relaxed and at ease!

Peace and love, Sitara


Copyright © 2012 Sitara Ansari.




Message by Sitara.

How does a child see the universe? Through a child eyes…

Lets go back to the moment you was born. It was the same feeling for all of us… most of us were born crying… that’s because the minute we reached here we realised we had entered back into a density way of life… it was because for most of us it was a traumatic birth process since most of our mothers were not trained to adequately expect our arrival at peace or with ease… generally they were taught that the process of child birth is meant to be painful and or traumatic, thus most of us were born crying.

The hospital and nurses were noisy, and most of all we wanted to sleep a lot. The reason we wanted to sleep a lot was because we had this deep need to re emerge back to source energy, or source re alignment… back to our higher self. This was rest and much need recuperation. Sleep was easy … since for some of us it was very hard to adapt to our new parents.

Before the age of 2 we knew we were extensions of god or the divine force, we all practiced telepathy however as time went on and due to conditioning by parents then we realised we had body’s… and we did not know how to use them… and had to learn…hence the reason why many babies bump their heads or find it hard to menouver themselves and seem to be startled when a stranger comes near.

If you could get a child (before the age of 2 to speak fully) he or she will tell you the following things.


This is the universe seen through a child’s eyes…. The expansion is about the return to innocence….


Copyright © 2013 Sitara Ansari.



The Thought Realm : What are you thinking About ?

Published on 10 Mar 2013

Sitara talks about “Thought realm” a place where our thoughts go on Earth. Sitara has been there on training. She talks about how the expansion is about awareness of how and why the law of attraction sometimes fails to work when we think we have what it takes.

The thought realm exists on a physical dimensional level on Earth, just above our physical plane. Mostly when we think a thought it goes to the lower astral and sits there as energy where it can be viewed by other entities who live on that plane (such as ghosts, spirits.) Angels and extra terrestrials can also view our thoughts if they wish too, so our thoughts are never private.

Its important to take responsibility of what we think on Earth since we are creator beings. Most of us do not realise that our thoughts get stuck in the lower realms, and therefore we are unable to manifest what we want or desire in our physical lives.

By propelling our thoughts upwards towards the higher cosmic plane of angels and loving beings we are able to manifest our desires into this physical level of existence which brings about further expansion.


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2013 Spirituality: Are You Making Changes?

Sitara discusses how 2013 is a year of making changes. Spiritual people are often called to make changes/ choices and decisions in life. This is because their vibration is increasing and the divine universe is often trying to guide people back into their alignment and life purpose by offering them decisions or choices to “make a change.”

By Making changes you will be falling back into alignment to what you came here on Earth to do.

Spiritual people are always making changes, its a regular event for spiritual people.  By making changes we will aid our own expansion and growth and find nothing to fear, since fear is shifting for a change within us which needs healing.

Making changes enables us to grow, expand and learn in this life.


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Your Spiritual Gifts!

Published 17/02/2013

Giving gifts is a cosmic, galactic & spiritual principle.

Every higher realm angelic or angel gives each other gifts everyday. These Gifts can be big or small. The universe always gives us gifts whether we are aware of it or NOT.

The universe gives us the gift of speech, the universe gives us the gift of health, and this beautiful planet to walk upon! this is all a gift! so many gifts are given everyday!

Whether we accept or not, we are given the best gifts!

If we feel something has been taken away from us, its only because the universe seeks to REWARD US WITH SOMETHING MUCH BETTER! The universe always replaces with much much better, its about the expansion!!!

The ascended masters always spoke about the spiritual concept of giving gifts. Prophet Mohammed talked about giving gifts whenever visiting someone. This is to encourage love, and bondship. Giving gifts is not about buying someone’s love.

We may give a gift to someone, and they may reject it… this is because every gift has  a vibrational frequency…and the person you gave a gift to did not match the frequency of the gift given.

The universe records ALL you have done. So when you give a gift the universe returns it back to you 100 x more.

All we need to do is ask the universe for what we need, in this way we expand and grow!

By giving gifts of love to each other and to ourself… we are able to grow and ENHANCE OUR LIVES!

Giving gifts is a wonderful opportunity to learn & grow!


Give a gift today: give a gift to YOURSELF!

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What You Must Know About Meditation!


Published 22nd March 2013

Message By Sitara.



Is there a right or wrong way of meditating???


My answer:

We are all different beings and attracted to different things by different measures,


THEREFORE the same meditational techniques will not work for all of us  in the same ways.


Meditational practices vary from person to person, and what may work for one will not work for another!

———-So finding the RIGHT technique for YOURSELF is so important!——————


There are many forms of meditational techniques out there, so find one that suits you!

If you’re easily bored like me, then mixing up meditational techniques is highly beneficial.

For example, yoga, dance, art therapy are some of my meditational techniques that I mix up throughout my day. This enables me to BE more connected, more relaxed thus raising my mood/vibration.


You will know if a meditational practice is good for you by the following.

A GOOD meditational practice will have the following affects on YOU:


You are much, much calmer,


You are Much more relaxed,


Your connection deepens to your higher/ god self

You have more expansive energy,

You are MORE intuitive,

Your Aura expands and your much more brighter!


YOU are able to influence all around you in a better, positive way!


There is no right or wrong way of meditating.

There is simply Only a WAY.


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