March 30, 2014



I recently was asked a question about how to live Life Fully in 2014 so I thought to offer my insights in this article.


What does “living fully” mean to you?


Everyone has their own definition of what fulfils them. Many people feel unfulfilled because they don’t set themselves clear, achievable life goals because of differing reasons which then can lead to stagnation and a feeling of being unfulfilled, tired or depressed.


Living fully  is about experiencing life entirely; feeling alive and fresh doing so.


Living fully means to get in touch with your creativity and passion. This leads to emotional and mental stability aiding in wellbeing.




To live more fully and heal the mind and body through simple, spiritual steps  I advise the following:




1.  Enjoy the little, positive things that happen in your life everyday because the little things DO ADD up to bigger things! –This attracts more good towards you.



2. Be kind to yourself and be honest with others. It will be a burden off your shoulders and you wont be engaging in drama or negative karma.


You should seek to love yourself and be honest with those around you:  your job is not to please others but to keep your life simple, real and truthful all the way! In this way you are showing kindness to this world.




3. Spend time alone with your soul to contemplate, reconnect and heal…. AND write down your own life goals and take the action to achieving them!




4. Don’t be attached too much to “outcomes”. Just let go of limitations and feel free.

If you do that , what it is you want will be drawn to you and you will feel much more fulfilled and happier.





5. Follow your creativity, your spark: what motivates and inspires you 101%

You can also use the affirmation below to attract more good.




You have the strength and creativity to get through whatever this life is making you go through. Going through hardships sometimes is part of that process to  a greater change. You are part of the Divineness , the unique plan. Your approach in solving your weaknesses through your divine spiritual willpower will get you through anything in this world!


~This power and strength comes from knowing that you are a fully responsible creative being who  can create a fulfilling , happier life through your choices, intentions, actions, and beliefs.~



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  1. Really interesting. I think it is going to help me.

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