March 14, 2014

Hello Loves,  I had a question from a reader asking:

“My problem is: I know I am a powerful being,

but were did my power go?

I have not seen it this lifetime.”



A lot of people can feel powerless on their life journey, for many different reasons.

Its a misconception. No one is ever entirely “powerless” .

The source of this frustration can be healed.

The loving, divine presence or power is always surrounding us, 24 hours a day,

-waiting to be tapped into!!



The power comes from the soul and the divine essence.

It may appear that the power is gone or dormant simply because it has not been exercised

or activated properly by a person to reach its fullest potential in THIS life.





It’s our responsibility as a care and duty to our soul, to this planet and to humanity to develop our own unique power the best way we can. This act will help in our own healing.

We can do this through integrating this higher awareness into daily concious effort and practice to activate that inner power to flow forth.



Developing your inner connection and INTENTION  will also enable you to tap into that loving power

which  surrounds all of us.

This allows you to create and manifest your own sense of happiness

AND life goals at a quicker rate.




Another thing to remember is that as you grow, learn and evolve through your life experiences (which can take  time,) your inner power becomes more and more active .

Therefore as you learn and overcome your spiritual tests on Earth, 

your confidence rises and spiritual gifts or abilities develop!




There are several ways in which you can tap into your inner power.

Learn to trust and love yourself in your own way.

Second, you should engage in ~inner spiritual power work ~ regularly

  to unlock your the power of your inner wisdom with pure motivation.

This can be done a variety of ways depending on your own unique personality.

(MY favourite methods include being surrounded by deep green forestry, engaging with the most amazing, beautiful spiritual guides & people, healing tones, arts,  dancing and musical vibrations.)




I also find  deep visualizing daily will help one to feel more connected to that innate power.

You can do this by visualising a peaceful scene in your mind and imagining yourself with a powerful force surrounding you. 




REMEMBER: Make sure to believe in yourself . Have  faith and positivity

and then you will radiate your own unique power out into this world, for it has never left you!




Love, Star~



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