March 13, 2014


The question that is commonly asked to me is:

What Starseed Nation Am I from?


In this article I will offer you my insights.

Certain star nations are linked to certain souls that do EXIST on Earth. These souls are cosmic-divine.

This is because before a soul incarnates  it is not originally from this earth but from the galactic heavens.Each soul  also holds differing divine creator CODINGS which when ACTIVATED can spiritually and physically help to transform lives for the better! This also helps our planet and our universe to transform positively which in turn fulfils the spiritual mission, here upon Earth.

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Planets In Space




ALL the starseed nations which exist possess the ability of INTUITION.

Every human naturally as a child possesses this same 5th dimensional ability of INTUITION. However, it must be properly developed to connect with individual star nations physically as well as in other states.



I always encourage people to learn and seek their own answers regarding star lineages by connecting with their soul to the divine rather than rely on any other external sources telling them what star nation they are from. I find online starseed tests are not always accurate in determining where a soul could be from because many star nations have similar attributes and qualities.










When intuition, purity, and non judgement are developed adequately in an individual walking upon Earth:  the higher  Star nations and Angels will make contact with that human soul.



What Starseed Nation am I From?

The clues are there! For example; an individual’s star lineage is cleverly encoded within their genetics.

Usually someone will “look” physically like and carry the ENERGY CODE from a particular star lineage. It takes intuition to know which exact star lineage though as there are plenty!


The star lineage is also present within the soul and is reflected out. This shines through  in one’s personality and attitude!



Star lineages can also be deduced via the study of

soul natal and numerology charts.

-Bear in mind this has to be done accurately by a trained “eye”

who is able to “see” the vital links.




Humans are usually born sensitive, but to be spiritually intune this sensitivity must be developed  in a healthy way which allows that individual to connect with others on a deeper, richer level through their sensitive, acute awareness. Higher vibrational starseed nations have understood this.





In general having a pleiadian soul connection means one is loving but tends to put away much of their own needs to help others. They sacrifice a lot sometimes. Part of the soul plan experience for the pleiadian element is to learn to allow others to experience what they have chosen through their free will and not become too personally involved.






Sirian Soul Element has a strong energy

and are very knowledgeable which they love to share with others.





Arcturian soul element are noticeable and kind. They are strong

energetically, loving to help and care for others  ( including animals.)





There are of course many other star nations out there; some of whom have not yet revealed themselves to humans.






To understand and connect to your own star nation take time each day to connect with your soul and the divine essence in a form which brings you comfort and joy. Allow yourself to feel the love and be free.



The Angels will offer guidance and signs as you move forward with your positive intentions.


Always trust in yourself, continue to be loving and the truth will be shown.~



Love, Star❤




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  1. Regards for all your efforts that you have put in this!
    very interesting info:) You know that Recently A hidden chamber used for ritual bathing in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago was uncovered under the construction site of a new nursery school in the city , thewalls had been carefully plastered but then covered in inscriptions in Aramaic and Hebrew scripts alongside symbols of plants, boats and religious objects.

  2. I think I actually can perceive people’s energies just by looking at them sometimes a starseed trait ?I thought it was normal though but those first impressions mostly turn out to be very much correct.

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