Re-write Life Through the Akashic Realms

February 25, 2014

Re-write Life Through the Akashic Realms✿



 You CAN rewrite life through accessing the Akashic Realm.


Time, history and future  does not exist -yet a perception of it exists in our BRAINS.
Einstein and the angels have spoken about this.
Akashic “Record” depends on definition. The “record” can be defined as existing in the NOW space time, 
which is beneficial for a soul to access especially during these times.
That also means anyone accessing the Akasha is doing it in THE NOW. 


Some miracles happen as a result of a type of karma.
 Other miracles happen as a means of being a type of spiritual gift 
WHILST other miracles are a type of guidance from our angels and guides.
There also exists another type of miracle.
 The type in which one who is accessing his/her akashic space can change
 the course of their "past and reality" if they choose too.




 I read one case very recently, that illustrates this point that reality (by accessing the akashic realm) CAN be altered. 


Very recently, there was a case of a woman who was told by her doctors that her unborn baby will be born 
with severe disabilities and will die as a result. 
This was told to her by her Doctors -due to all the abnormalities they found in a foetal scan she went too.
 She was told to have an abortion that day.


The lady in question decided she would not focus her attention on the reality of the doctor and connected 
with her heart. The cells in her body conveyed her love to the cosmos. She then intuitively proceeded to write down
 all her loving, HEALTHY, BALANCED feelings into a FUTURE book for her future child who she prayed 
would live/survive to read it.


Words and feelings were all she had to work with for many months.
To show how much she loved and wanted the child.

 The loving feelings she held strong day by day enabled her to connect through her own DNA cells to that of her unborn baby. That connection enabled her to connect to her own (and the unborn child’s) akashic records in the cosmos and intentionally rewrite their story together as she wanted it. 

Eventually her child was born: The baby was born 100% healthy despite the  physical abnormalities 
showing up in the foetal scan. It did not die. 


This marvellous case is one  example of what accessing the akasha realm via DNA cells 
can really do in one’s own life.I too have my own personal stories of how I've managed to alter my 
own state of reality doing this.

These changes can cause a positive change and soul realignment. 


Techniques to rewrite or alter one’s own story in the akashic realm :

You must believe you have an element of power and strength in your life and soul. 
It takes dedication and determination. The subconscious does not differentiate between imagination
 or reality... so you have to IMAGINE and FEEL IT.

2. You must put your entire energy into visioning the ideal.

-Use YOUR heart and cells of your body  to communicate the best intention to alter STATES.

-You must not be attached too deeply to the final outcome.

(- BUT you must be attracted to the outcome.)

3. Affirm (through words, feelings, imagery) set daily to match your intention. 

 ~When you are open to receive and naturally calm, Guides and angels are there lovingly to assist in
 helping to rewrite your soul spiritual life story to something better.~


We are born onto this planet with many capabilities.
 It's down to our own free will and choices whether we wish to access and tap into them!




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