Proof That Our Feelings Matter And Impacts Our Reality

Feeling good in life really does matter. Feeling good impacts our reality. Feeling good allows opportunities of spiritual-personal growth whereas before there was very little hope at all.


Psychologist Richard Wiseman spent years researching scientifically why some people live luckier or happier lives. His research was about analysing feelings.


His research also involved working with hundreds of “blessed” and “unlucky” people. His research found those that found themselves unlucky are people who are generally more tense and filled with anxiety feelings. These feelings then disrupts their ability to notice opportunities in their life.


However he found that “Lucky” or blessed people, on the other hand, have feelings which involve being relaxed and open. This meant they are able to see what is really there in their lives and recognise opportunities.


  • This is one study although there are others which demonstrate our feelings play a vital part in what occurs to us in our reality.

So the simple keys to blessed life is to:


1. Pay attention to your feelings and don’t be afraid to be different.


2. Do not fear failure. Do your best to overcome it.


3. Remember the universe is lovingly ready to assist those people who are willing to let go of pain or worry, try new things and focus upon the feelings of good!

Lots of love, STAR!


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One thought on “Proof That Our Feelings Matter And Impacts Our Reality

  1. I do believe our feelings control our world. There are other factors too. Like, if you walk in front of a moving car very bad things are going to happen regardless..
    Few people never change there social status in life because they feel they are stuck on their low level. They feel other people are holding them back. Whether that is true, you’ll never succeed at anything if you don’t feel for trying.
    I’ve seen it in my own life here. I start believing-feeling something and get a little taste for it, then before long it becomes my reality to experience. I don’t know how many things in life I have experienced just because I felt for it. I’m not a cannot prove to anyone the taste of an strawberry or what love, anger, joy, etc. feel like.. These are direct experiences that each person must have in order to know and experience them for self.

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