The Power In Loss -Helping Collective Consciousness And MultiRealities

I had a reader question about loss:


“Will I ever get back the things in life that I have lost? For example can I undo the mistakes I made by my negative thinking in my past to do with relationships and finances and get these things back?”




My answer is nothing is ever “lost”  in this world or in this vast universe since everything is accounted for and recorded since the ultimate beginning.

Nothing is “lost” it’s limited perceptions which makes it appear this way.


There are never any losses in life only opportunities for change, expansion and completion.




Infact in every perceived “Loss” which happens in  this life experience, there is something special and unique that HAS TO BE achieved or experienced. This helps the collective and multi realities.


(I have witnessed this countless times in my own life and others who’ve I’ve interacted with over the course of 30 years.)



Negative thinking and negative influences can always be changed or transmuted. Do not lose hope because of a life fall or blockage from loss.


We are creative, expansive beings so there is nothing in this life that we cannot do, be, or have. So any loss can be transmuted to something better and become something gained!




It’s often our own self imposed beliefs  or behaviour which stop us from achieving what we want and then suffering loss as a result. This doesn’t mean this is your fault, or you are to blame it simply means that you have the power to overcome this loss and turn it to something better, otherwise you wouldn’t have chosen to experience it.


The divine connection is always ready and willing to help us achieve our innermost desires, needs, and wishes! When we call upon it, it is there. Call upon the divine.


You will heal from any life “losses” when you choose to do so because you are designed that way to be marvellous! You are unique and most special to the divine cosmos.




One way to attract good back into your life after any loss, is to dialogue with your own inner divine essence about what it is you really desire.


You can self affirm or state:



“I accept this loss of an awful situation has happened to me. I let pain go. I AM free.”



“I trust love and ALL things good so I allow love into me… to heal,  to restore and to perfect with great light.”



“I am Thanking the divine, the most beautiful in all things for my strength of power. “



“I never lose in life. I gain in life.”




These statements when used will penetrate to your subconscious and aid you out of difficulty.





This whole life process is about transmuting life losses to strength, experience and wisdom. That will help collective consciousness, reality, multi realities, and divine!



You are capable because you accepted this wonderful experience of project life on Planet Earth. Align to your soul for truth and clarity.



With Love,




Loss Affirmation





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2 thoughts on “The Power In Loss -Helping Collective Consciousness And MultiRealities

  1. As we grow up and possibly become pensive and mature, we tend to feel many things like a loss less necessary than we did about them earlier. Limiting desires progressively holds the key to increasing happiness from a loss. The things coveted and possessed are worthy reflecting about: what is meant by possessing them? how did they come? how did loss happen? where from did they come, what do they do in the process of loss in life. In Hindu mythology, the parallel word for the great flood is pralaya, which take place at the end of every Yuga (according to my grandfather, there are four Yugas: Satya Yuga, the Treta Yuga, the Dvapara Yuga, and finally the Kali Yuga: the present time) :)

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