The Universe Provides Signs So Pay Attention


Signs are ONE miraculous way that the Divine speaks to us.


Signs are a way of the divine bringing something to our “attention”, to our awareness so we can make a CHANGE, a CHOICE.


Once we become aware of our signs we will ALWAYS feel like we are being guided to our better potential.


Many ascended masters and spiritual ones of Earth were highly vibrational. They were also helped by signs around them and by their own intuition and open heart.


For example the rainbow was a sign and gift to the Prophet Noah and humanity.


Noah and his family had undergone a terrible flood… they had gone through some terrible mind blowing devastation. However Noah and his family did not give in to fear  and saw the divine message, the beautiful reminder of Divine protection through the sign of the glorious rainbow which comes after every rain.


Every time a human see’s the Divine rainbow,  he or she could choose to be reminded of the divine magic, transformation, love in this world.


Our ancient ancestors also knew signs would guide them to the “bigger picture.”


Therefore your own signs may show up in dreams, during visualisation, or while you’re out shopping. It can occur anytime, any place (usually when you don’t expect it!.)


Its important that you recognize the signs linked to you and understand its meaning and purpose to cultivate your own spiritual relationship to the Divine.


Signs are blessed tokens of love, pay attention to yours.





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3 thoughts on “The Universe Provides Signs So Pay Attention

  1. Yes thankyou. I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago because I believe in signs.
    Right now i keep seeing a sign to a boy i like.
    His name came up or his town came up.I just wait for the things to turn for the good now.

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