Hair and Consciousness: Is there a Connection???

Hello wonderful readers,

today I had this lovely question from a dear friend of this channel:


“Star, Does cutting your hair make any difference in communication/connections?  I have read some blogs about it, stating it is no good. But I would like to think it does not matter. Because there are quite a lot of people with very little or no hair…”



I think this is a question many of us have. It is  no surprise that in many philosophies, cultures and traditions  of our world state the advantages of having long hair.





Spiritual teachers such as Jesus, Mohammed and many other wonderful teachers chose to keep their hairs long in their life and that was for a good reason!





Many say vibration, intuition and other spiritual capacities is increased with the presence of long hair. I personally know that long hair acts as a “protector” and allows one to not only beautify themselves  but also increase their “awareness” of the world around them.  Hair does serve a purpose if the individual allows it too. Having long hair acts as a POTENTIAL increased awareness but its not a full cure to spiritual growth.





I personally love and adore long hair. This is why I made the choice to grow my hair 3 years ago from very short to very long…. now I have been blessed with long hair which is past my butt AND i  have chosen to grow it longer…. I find having long hair helped me achieve a level of patience I never thought I had before…  thanking the divine!!






In my view having short or long hair is irrelevant if a person already feels they have a good open, honest connection to the divine,- the one, (the all that is) what they call “God.”





The divine does not judge based on long hair or short hair. The divine communicates and responds based on VIBRATION AND  LOVE not on hair lengths.





Therefore its an individual choice and why not experiment yourself? Try growing your hair for 3 months if you have that courage and see if YOU FEEL different from the experience! Then you will have the answer you need rather than looking for verification because life is about your own experience with god, the love and the divine flow! Only you can know what suits you.


With Love,











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2 thoughts on “Hair and Consciousness: Is there a Connection???

  1. Interesting post Sitara.Hair loss can affect sensuality in heightened self-consciousness. Longhair men related consciousness to the sixth sense. Becky x

  2. Thanks Star :-) <3

    I cut all my hair off for summer, but never got used to it.
    Looking in the mirror, still, I see someone which is not me.
    I will definitely give it a try and grow my hair over the winter :-) (at least to get my little mohawk back) :-)

    Lots of Love and Light Always <3

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