August 29, 2013

 On The Spiritual Path: Loneliness AND How To HEAL IT



One of the main issues facing our world today is that of loneliness. Loneliness is something we all experience at certain points in our life and is not unusual. You can be around many people but still feel lonely deep inside. It’s a feeling like you are apart from others and a lack of connection sometimes.




The human perception of Loneliness can be very harmful to health. Research shows that feeling or being isolated from others can contribute to a shorter life span. Another study showed that loneliness can spread very quickly amongst groups who have negative social interactions. The results showed that one’s own feelings may actually make the people around them feel lonelier as well. So it’s really important to be responsible for your own well-being and health as it can impact on others.




Loneliness causes people to feel insecure, to seek attention in others by being around people or by being clingy or needy. Many people despite having social media relationships on the net or in their daily reality find that they are still lonely on their life path and nothing improves much. They also still feel they cannot open up completely to others or if they do they are sometimes made to feel insecure anyway.


  •  To be around people is natural and normal however to BE always running around in action ie constantly doing things in life, or being around people all the time can be draining energetically and does not fulfil the soul purpose on Earth. This may lead to the individual being controlled by others out of the fear of being lonely rather than being a free, liberated, fun loving person enjoying the most of their life.


There are many causes of loneliness in life. The problem lies not with the individual but how they choose to look at their life situation. Loneliness can be changed. It just takes a shift of perception.

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Here are a few ways to minimise the effect of loneliness in your life and eradicate it completely so that you feel healthier and better:


1)      Realise that the possibility for having good and life enhancing relationships exist all around you. It just takes some awareness to bring it about!


2)      Know that angels surround you daily and are helping to heal and protect you. You are never alone.


3)      Aside from people, Literature, Music or art can help you feel connected with the human soul and spirit!


4)      Coming into contact with children or animals helps one experience innocent and true love.


5)       Spending time in the garden of god, the nature can help you feel revitalised and is a great way of connecting to your guides to give you guidance on your life purpose.


6)      Volunteering for service work to assist others helps decrease your own loneliness and theirs!


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Loneliness is only a perception and when you overcome that fear you become radiant, free, and confident!


Overcoming fears and loneliness enables you to have greater clarity and understanding about your life and that of others. This brings about greater peace and more wisdom to you.


Love, STAR!



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  1. Loneliness is a test of the soul. We can learn much.
    We can learn to: Go vithin and seek the soul, seek clarity, independence, Peace and quietness.
    People that is drawn to loneliness most likely
    follow their soul plan..Wisdom..
    Its a Time for everything, including Loneliness..

    Bless this website!

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