Thank you so much for visiting this wonderful website!
Sitara -Expansion is a Well-being,  Spiritual And Healing Website
 bringing you only the BEST in holistic and higher dimensional Galactic information.


My name is the ancient Sanskrit word for Star and that is my birth name.

I am a child descended from the stars bringing with me the skills I need here to help out with the Divine plan. This is my soul purpose.

To learn spiritually,

AND to help myself and others the best I can ♥

Light Codes Earth ET Language


My life has been truly transformed for the better by my ongoing connection with the star nations and beloved Galactic family members who wish Earth, our mother continued peace and joy since the start of her development! They wish love onto this planet everyday! They work with the Angelic forces. My aim here on this planet is to share what I have learnt openly about them and about life in general. I adore the Divine very much! ♥

A trained Ambassador from the Galactic -Goodly- Angelical Dimensions

And also a Galactic Priestess from different Divine dimensions /worlds:

Andromeda – Sirius-Pleadian-Lyran-GALACTIC -

My nickname by the Galactic Goodly Angelical Beings is “Little Goddess” or “Konyu Devi” . I am here incarnated on Earth at this time to share what I know from my home world to enable faster healing processes. I believe living from the purer essence and having a blissful experience whilst not taking anybody for granted is the key to success of Earthly life!♥

I love being happy!♥

This site is from the galactic, cosmic heart and a true gift for everybody. Prime Creator is the ALL and Knows ALL that is Love and Peace.♥

Helping other’s achieve their ultimate best and heal them is one of my passions since I was born! This led me to extensively study into the realm of alternative medicine, energy work and metaphysics, sociological and dimensional space, holistics, higher realms, Dance and music meditation, Art visualisation processes and much, much, more! I am also a College Graduate with a Bachelor Honours Degree.

I am a Intuitive Author, Teacher, Soul Reader and a Holistic Health Practitioner.

I love what I do and inspire to do better and better for myself and for those around me ♥

So, with the help of my dearest’s we have created this site to allow the greater expansion and growth into what we truly believe in our hearts so that we can help. others in a much broader way. This is the expansion we ALL came to Earth for!

Peace and Love Always,

Sitara. ♥


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11 thoughts on “Welcome TO THIS WEBSITE♥

  1. Namaste Star ~ what a beautiful and helpful site. I know I will be spending a lot of time here.
    Thank you so much for creating it.
    With Love and Appreciation,

  2. Hello Star.

    It was a pleasure to see your website via Ashtar Command. I just wanted to say Thankyou for all your articles on AC. I enjoy reading and learning ,they are inspiring and enlightening. As of to day i will do the Alantis cleansing and healing which i sa today. thankyou again , with love and blessings

    Nikki xxxxxx

  3. Dear Sitara,
    To day I was on the Paranormal Group on Ashtar Command.
    And with the link of your site I am here to know about your progress and the Life Mission….
    You are Blessed Child of the Divine….
    I had my Website….www.bringheaven.ning.com
    But after three years I have submitted back to ning as as a retired person I do not want to pay….
    My members were paying after one year …free….
    When I have visited your site I just remembered mine…I gave up last August …before one year….
    You are younger one and can do much for the Friends and Humanity….
    Please Go ahead….God is with you to fulfill your Spiritual mission…..
    I love you and giving you many Blessings for your Mission to be successful….

  4. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I
    find It truly useful. It helped me out much. I hope to
    give something back and help others like you aided me.

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