24 thoughts on “About Me♥

  1. Oh lovely one, I am sooo happy for you! We are blessed for your presence and I am blissed out that so many starseeds are finding their origins and missions, what a lovely time it is :-)
    Sending love for you and yours and your efforts, you are an example of what we can do.

  2. Hi Star…
    You remember Me ?
    Well you know me i am Alfred…
    Yes i go from Ashtar because i have other things to be done but that not mean i do not SEE you all..

  3. sista !!! i am just in awe !! feeling home in your beautiful star space bravo !! much love thank you from bottom of heart blessings ………………..
    infinite love sharing ………… <3 <3 <3

  4. Star

    i Change All Things..because I Can Create..

    what you will find there it will Change your life and your way of thinking..

  5. Hi S! truly awesome YouTube videos, its my luck to pay a quick visit this website and finding these cool YouTube videos made by you

  6. Hi Sitara

    Many thanks for your help. I am really glad to come across your page. It seems like being pulled by the nature to come and visit your homepage and see the video.

    Much love from Port Moresby, PNG.


  7. U fill people with love and hope.
    U show us all that, there are people in the world
    who feel the same way.
    U are amazing!
    And i thank u for all that u are

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