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March 3, 2013



 Author Writer, Researcher,

Galactic Priestess and Galactic Ambassador - Galactic Soul~  Indigo-Crystal~

Metaphysical and Holistic Practitioner

And holds a B.A Honours Degree in

Media Society Culture and Communications


Welcome to the “About Me” section!

I grew up in a very strict Earth family in a environment full of old traditions and customs. 

I always had extra sensory and other abilities as a child which I ignored.

These skills and spiritual gifts later developed further and deeper as I progressed into adulthood.

I did not pursue these skills however and chose instead to focus MY life being centred around loving my close family, friends,  travelling and career.

I’ve been blessed to visit 4 continents and many countries in that time,

meeting many which has been part of my Soul Plan. Everything has helped me learn more about the nature of my soul.*


My favourite hobbies include dancing, trekking out in nature, reading, writing

and surrounded myself with positive people, dance, arts and  music…!

 LAUGHTER and Kindness is my medicine!~

I always had a deep interest in all things Deeply Divine!

I kept this  interest alive by reading the major earth scriptures, compiling notes and studying throughout my life.


I met many, different types of  people in my life, who I observed quietly whilst pursuing life’s deeper meaning.

My first memory is as a child aged one years old at my first birthday party.

I have also been  visual- meditating since I was two years old.

In my life I encountered many of life’s challenging difficulties but my loving faith got me through it,

thanking the Divine and the goodly angels!

 Despite whatever happened to me  I always enjoyed to help people on my path.

I helped people I have known in my past with my kindness that it was often taken for granted.

I am kindly and cheerful by nature, I like to be straight forward and honest as well,

this may rub people up the wrong way but honesty and peace is my policy.


Many of the people in my past tried to pull me down with their negativity or drama’s or push me off my soul plan track with their own insecurities drama and fears. Thankfully each time it happened my stubborn willpower (also called Faith) and the help and protection of my lovely guides and (galactic) angels,  got me through those bad times and giving me more wisdom which I am SO grateful for!*

This natural loving innocence  led me 30 years later  to my own expansion and inner awakening…

thanks to the Prime Creator, Angels and the Galactic cosmic essence within my soul. ♥

This website is a loving dedication to the unlimited expansion for all it’s intended for.



My first name in this life means “Star” in Sanskrit (Indian) and my last name  originates from Ansar (Arabic: أنصار‎) the people that helped the Ascended one, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), spread the light of loving information to humanity during his lifetime.


I am a galactic priestess ~ a star soul from the Pleiades ~  Working for the Divine plan.♥ Also a trained Commander Ambassador for the Galactic Family ~Crystal-Indigo on Earth~.♥



I love what I do and inspire to do better and better in my life!!!♥

 I love to help myself and others into well-being and comfort.

This raises vibration and is good for the SOUL and good for humanity and for the Earth. ♥


Incarnating here from another planet or realm is possible under the religious faith I was born under and I am here to speak out, help people and say the truth: it happened to me. ♥  Speaking sincerely my truth all the way  ♥

I love the Divine so much I created this site for the love of Prime creator, the ONE, the force of ALL good/love to spread some harmony and balance on this Earth whilst helping others and doing what I LOVE! ♥  ♥  

 I believe ALL people deserve peace, love, respect and freedom. ♥

I believe ALL animals  AND This Earth should have it’s space and freedom♥ 

♥ I believe we are ALL free, the Angels surround and protect us ♥


I help others by aiding and guiding people to their own inner truths.  I see us all as one family.

The human family on Earth.♥

My other name with the Galactics is ~ “Konyu Devi” (Indian) which translates to as “Little Goddess”   in English

(by  the Angelics~ Pleiadians ~Galactic ~Extra terrestrials~ )

The name itself is very ancient.

I am here incarnated on Earth at this time to share what I know from my galactic lineage to enable faster healing processes in humanity. I am also here to align and to impart what I know and to respect love in all forms in this life.

Through my studying and implementing various energy and healing  techniques~ dna activation ~methods,

I’ve managed to co create with the cosmos and create a   ♥Soul Earth Plan report♥ for individuals who seek my help.

 ~It is specially made to understand a person’s soul plan and their life lessons.

Each individual walks the Earth with their own lessons to be overcome.

This is a special record of the life lessons a person has chosen to learn in this current lifetime.

With this knowledge I am able to help others help themselves by empowering them with the right tools they need! This leads to a deep knowing and progress within. ♥Knowing one’s own life lessons through this Earth report is a Divine birthright! To know more about it,  please contact me on my email


I am very good with numerology (and other methods) and retaught myself as a child.

I believe the future is unlimited potentials and we can overcome everything and shift our awareness!♥

I am also able to shift people’s energy into a positive way to help them overcome their soul tests whilst expanding them in a happier way.

In my life I  have had a positive interaction with everybody because I choose to focus on the good

transmute and let go of anything that is contrary to peace, harmony, light!~


I enjoy all my blessings and know whatever happens we are all taken care of, thanking Divine ♥

 Happiness is truly bliss!♥


 It’s important for everyone to empower themselves and my work is dedicated

to that Divine higher INNER power and expansion!

Our current society is unable to deal with the high levels of stress which is a clear indication of eradication of the soul leading to dis-empowerment and life lesson’s untaught. 


I encourage everybody to be the best they can, and at least be AWARE of their own soul lessons. 

I encourage everybody to come into their own power!! It is an amazing learning experience!♥


I love to help and I’ve helped many because I enjoy it! 

This website is dedicated to the Loving Expansion! Thank you for Reading,



Copyright © 2015 Sitara Ansari. All rights reserved.

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  1. Well done Sitara :)
    Great Effort :)

  2. Miss you lately Shining Star lol

  3. Stellar in every sense, Star. Beautiful photos and body of work. ;)

  4. This is usually a really great site content, im delighted I came across it. Ill be back off the track to look at

  5. Hi Sitara. Lovely site, thank you for sharing your light! Bright Blessings from New Zealand! ~ Barron

  6. Thank you so much!! Lovely site and your message is what the world need right now! Love Gun-Brit

  7. Oh lovely one, I am sooo happy for you! We are blessed for your presence and I am blissed out that so many starseeds are finding their origins and missions, what a lovely time it is :-)
    Sending love for you and yours and your efforts, you are an example of what we can do.

  8. Hugging you, my Angel!

  9. Hi Star…
    You remember Me ?
    Well you know me i am Alfred…
    Yes i go from Ashtar because i have other things to be done but that not mean i do not SEE you all..

  10. sista !!! i am just in awe !! feeling home in your beautiful star space bravo !! much love thank you from bottom of heart blessings ………………..
    infinite love sharing ………… <3 <3 <3

  11. Star

    i Change All Things..because I Can Create..

    what you will find there it will Change your life and your way of thinking..

  12. You know i always like you Star.

    Well to be honest i like kitties …
    Yumi yumi…

  13. Thanks fоr sharing superb informations. Your site iѕ sо cool.

  14. Pro !
    Allahu Akbar ! :)
    Love n Light . Onward !

  15. OMG this site is gorgeous
    just like uuuuuuuuuuu

  16. Hi S! truly awesome YouTube videos, its my luck to pay a quick visit this website and finding these cool YouTube videos made by you

  17. Alright, IM IN, BE MY QUEEN ~

  18. Hi Sitara

    Many thanks for your help. I am really glad to come across your page. It seems like being pulled by the nature to come and visit your homepage and see the video.

    Much love from Port Moresby, PNG.


  19. U fill people with love and hope.
    U show us all that, there are people in the world
    who feel the same way.
    U are amazing!
    And i thank u for all that u are

  20. Hi Sitara,

    Being in the Joy of the Light
    from the 5th dimension !

    David Power

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