This site was created for an expansion and upliftment of humanity’s current level of awareness on healing mechanisms by providing the right knowledge and tools. It is through wisdom one can access the higher levels of awareness and expand themselves and others they interact with in a more positive, loving way.

This site is a gift from the galactic angelic forces to humanity from a place of higher Love. The reason this site is needed is because there is a requirement from humanity right now asking for its creation. This site is from the Galactic Essence, it is open, free and honest. It is like a welcoming home for the soul. You will find peace on this site. ♥


What is a “Soul-Life Test / Earth Plan that you help with?”

One of the most important things we can know about ourselves is our life tests, and by understanding this one can grow and enhance their life. I am able to offer this service. A soul record is like a file of what a soul has already been through before incarnating on this planet Earth and what they intend as their current life lessons. I am able to through my own galactic angelic essence help others, which is a pure gift from the Divine, (which we know as God, or Prime Creator) who is most fair and most loving to all of us.

This spiritual gift i treasure as a priestess and give thanks eternally, thanking Prime creator for all blessings of love and guidance ♥

We all incarnate on the Earth for different reasons but the main is to overcome a bunch of “tests” here. This is a divine plan for all of us.

By passing the tests our spirit moves into a higher vibrational sphere and has more tests… life keeps getting better but also comes with it’s learning curves or tests of expansion!♥

I am able to help others help themselves by empowering them with these tools. This leads to a deep knowing and empowerment. A purpose in life.

Here’s the soul Agenda video which highlights how important the soul mechanics really is in understanding our reality:

I help to provide the ♥Soul Earth Plan report♥ specially made to understand a person’s soul plan and their life lessons.

This is a special report of the life lessons a person has chosen to learn in this current lifetime.

With this knowledge I am able to help others help themselves by empowering them with the right tools. This leads to a deep knowing and progress within. ♥Knowing one’s own life lessons through this Earth report is a Divine birthright! To know more,  contact me on email below♥


Client Testimonials can be viewed, Click HERE

I’m interested in learning more what do I do?

Contact via email:


I’ve also written 4 books which can help you:



“Answers from the Dolphins:
Maintainers of the Sea,
The Wisdom Keepers of Atlantis And Lemuria”  can be found HERE



“The Pleiadians: Ten Power Symbols For The Subconscious Mind” can be found HERE



“Beyond Perception: Investigating the Unseen Paranormal With A Starseed”  can be found HERE



“Spiritual Handbook: Shining Abundantly,

Holding High Vibrations

-Keys for Success In Creating Your Ideal Life”

Can be found HERE



Love! ♥


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