Herbal Health Care: My Way of Using Mother Earth’s Goodies!




Today I made a tea tree oil and peppermint shampoo “round” bar (to use on my hair) and some Herbal Blue Soaps!

 Tea tree wonder from Mother Earth, has been famous throughout the ages for its 5th dimensional healing factor. I combined peppermint, lavender, rose, also for additional benefits!




Tea tree & Peppermint also suits all skin types and excellent at treating skin conditions!


It is also excellent because it contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties, which means its super healthy and cure’s variety of skin conditions, pretty fast!

(Unlike normal shop brought chemical infested variants which can cause itchy, dry skin!)



So I made a shampoo bar and herbal beauty soaps today… unlike shop made ones, mine’s has very little chemicals, and I love it!

I will be sharing this with all the family.



Here are few pics of the Herbal process:

    1.   melting / mixing process

herbal kitchen (1)


     2.   My Shampoo shown here in Liquid form (peppermint & tea tree oil extract)



   3.  Now Making the Hint of Lavender, Rose and Tea Tree Herbal Soap, mixing and setting



   4.   These are the “setting stages” for the Gaia- Blue- Sky soap’s I’ve created:

herbal kitchen (1)

herbal kitchen (1)


   5.   Once the blue – sky herbal soaps have set, I take them out to relax:


herbal kitchen (1)

 Shampoo bar resting Mode:




   6.   Finally, the tea tree oil & peppermint shampoo round bar are ready to use and pack!

herbal kitchen (1)



   7.   Finished! I had a lot of fun creating this, with 0 chemicals used, thank you Mother Gaia!

glossy shine


For Glossy Hair & Skin!

end result

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3 thoughts on “Herbal Health Care: My Way of Using Mother Earth’s Goodies!

  1. Cool stuff :-)
    Do you have a recipe that you can share for making these “cupcake soaps”?
    They look fantastic!

    Love And Light Always dear Star

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