The Universal Divine Speaks To You Via Blessings

Blessings as they are called in our society are a way in which the Divine speaks PERSONALLY to you. Blessings are your gift from the universal divine energy. Each blessing in your life that you can count today is a gift to you so thankfully love it, appreciate it, and share its message if you can!


Each blessing comes with it’s own divine message. With a blessing comes much peace and harmony.


Sometimes a blessing is taken away not to cause grief but to cause one to realise their ultimate potential ~ that you are a creative, expansive being ~ who has the ability to soar beyond what others think, do, or say~ who has the ability through free will and choice to exercise compassion, tolerance and invoke peace thus consciously bringing together your persona self with your soul’s core essence.Thus bringing about a  better, altered state of reality for yourself.


Creative beings who align to their light spark (soul) are able to make blessings out of any situation. They can then be content with whatever the outcome.




Love, Star! ♥





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