Divine ADVICE to those Newly “Awake” AND those who have been “Awake” a while!

The original article below was first published on December 11th 2011,

only 2 weeks after my own spiritual expansion AND awakening.

I am uploading this original article back online today  as I feel

YOU will  find the following  information relevant AND useful in your own life! 


Divine ADVICE to those New “Awake” AND those who have been “Awake” a while ~


What do I do now that I am spiritually awakened? What’s my purpose? 

By Star 

Written December 11th 2011

I wanted to write this blog because IT WAS the above questions

I asked myself everyday after I newly awakened to certain realities about this world.

 No one could answer this for me.

After much consideration I decided to write this down.

This is so I can have a record for myself as well as share it with others who may find the following information useful.


What is my role, Why am I here?

Many people often wonder what role they should be playing during this spiritual awakening which has NOT happened on this scale in a long while! The Universes~ are watching us closely.


  • You are here with all the circumstances, events and people you need in order to evolve, grow, expand and learn from.


  • This is the world which we label object, places, things :  “good” and “bad”


  •  You have a contrast around you, a beautiful world,  A WORLD that always needs your LOVE to transform it EVERYDAY.


  • Your primary role is to be yourself within it.


  • The next role is to be a force of Love within it.


Once you are awakened even though it can initially seem “weird” and “isolating” from the norm of life,

you are pretty much already used to it, like I was.


  •  Don’t judge yourself instead sit back, close your eyes and thank  the marvellous creator for expanding what you already knew as TRUE!


When awakened once you have this information you feel like you must do something with it,

either hide away from everyone and not say anything out of fear of causing an epidemic or panic, just like I did!


  • Either way both reactions are natural and normal. Love thy self anyway.


  •  Take each day in slow, simple steps, trusting your inner guidance and the prime creator.


~Before you were born you were connected to the loving ONE Source/Creator/Universe.

You still are.

The way will be shown to you if you ask a way to be made.~


  • Your role is to simply to have good intentions holding in your heart what it is that you want out of life  with the feeling of Love.


~After considering everything I realised one of my roles was to write this blog in order that it may help others like myself who were struggling with the TRUTH as newly awakened one’s. I figured out that we are all playing our roles in this awakening process perfectly, we each have our own unique tasks to do which is part of our collective goal.~


  •  Don’t compare yourself to others because we are all equal to each other, albeit some of us might have a larger task, but no matter: each role is just as unique and important as the other!


  •  Each role on the planet has to be played out for the whole sum to fit the final equation ~that of the Divine Creator.~




What do I do know that I am awakened?

 (don’t panic!)


Look at your life…. Evaluate it. Look at the people and circumstances there to teach you.


There may be a variety of ways to spread your soul ~light on this Planet, some of which may be:


  • It could be offering kind actions, assistance or words to others,
  • Voluntary work
  • it may be to write that special song or book or painting
  • Being alone and connecting to the divine
  • Mix of all the above!




  • Saying “I love you” to the Earth and it’s Living flesh,
  • silently every night and day through meditation / prayer can be a role you choose too!
  • This will assist Mother Gaia greatly: she feels the love!




  • You have the potential to help ONE GRATEFUL person this week who will find within them the courage out of your kindness, to go help ANOTHER FIVE grateful people and from those FIVE they will help another THIRTY PEOPLE.


That’s at least 90 people you could indirectly help this month. That’s the effect from your one act of compassion.Your role may be to lift the consciousness this way.


Another role I myself have been doing for a while now is what I will call the “Negative Eradicator” role.


These are some of us who soak up negative energy and transmute it to light and love for earth.


Due to life circumstances with the whole “starseed life change” thing~ I had to move back home as part of my soul contract to resolve conflicts within my immediate family:TO LEARN what I need in order to make progress to the intermediate, NEXT  level.


I think all families are nutty, but mine are exceptionally nutty and I love them for their nutty madness!


There is one person in my family amongst others who  loves screaming and getting angry over the smallest things! They love wallowing in anger. Before my awakening I used to feel the negativity very strongly from this person, and could not do much but feel sicky inside and feel the bad vibes all around this person, like “sticky energy.”


  •  UPDATE: Since awakening fully two weeks ago, I hardly feel ANY negativity from this  person. Everything this person throws out to the universe in anger, I make a silent prayer of compassion to surround that anger vibe they give off. This transmutes the anger to love for our Earth and for us as a family.
  • But it starts with LOVE first.


I feel this person is beginning to “feel”  the extent of the peace bubble I’m working around her, I FIND she’s ALOT ALOT ALOT more calmer around me!  When im around  there is no flipping out as much or throwing anger tantrums.


This is an example of  an empathic worker who transforms negative energy.



Your role also could be that positive person who simply exists and “observes” and you could be a “healer”.


  • All the roles you serve (however crap or worthless you may feel) is invaluable to the Divine. Your life experiences MATTER as long as you learn through each of them and shift inwards towards loving kindness towards yourself and others. Loving kindness means peace and harmony within yourself. 
  • You do matter and your happiness matters.


  • How can you help this planet? Send it thoughts of Love, Encouragement, and PEACE!!!
  • SEND yourself loving thoughts and visualise yourself with the Golden Light.


  • Love with COMPASSION and be attached to NOTHING in this world.



I hope this helps you.


 May the Glorious light encompass you now and forever,

may you shine my brothers and sisters OF the Divine Soul Spark!



Yours truly, Written with YOU in mind,



(Peace and Blessings of the Prime Creator upon you the beloved light ones on Planet Earth*) Your doing a fabulous job, keep it up, love to you! …..*  












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