Divine ADVICE to those Newly “Awake” AND those who have been “Awake” a while!

The original article below was first published on December 11th 2011,

only 2 weeks after my own spiritual expansion AND awakening.

I am uploading this original article back online today  as I feel

YOU will  find the following  information relevant AND useful in your own life! 


Divine ADVICE to those New “Awake” AND those who have been “Awake” a while ~


What do I do now that I am spiritually awakened? What’s my purpose? 

By Star 

Written December 11th 2011

I wanted to write this blog because IT WAS the above questions

I asked myself everyday after I newly awakened to certain realities about this world.

 No one could answer this for me.

After much consideration I decided to write this down.

This is so I can have a record for myself as well as share it with others who may find the following information useful.


What is my role, Why am I here?

Many people often wonder what role they should be playing during this spiritual awakening which has NOT happened on this scale in a long while! The Universes~ are watching us closely.


  • You are here with all the circumstances, events and people you need in order to evolve, grow, expand and learn from.


  • This is the world which we label object, places, things :  “good” and “bad”


  •  You have a contrast around you, a beautiful world,  A WORLD that always needs your LOVE to transform it EVERYDAY.


  • Your primary role is to be yourself within it.


  • The next role is to be a force of Love within it.


Once you are awakened even though it can initially seem “weird” and “isolating” from the norm of life,

you are pretty much already used to it, like I was.


  •  Don’t judge yourself instead sit back, close your eyes and thank  the marvellous creator for expanding what you already knew as TRUE!


When awakened once you have this information you feel like you must do something with it,

either hide away from everyone and not say anything out of fear of causing an epidemic or panic, just like I did!


  • Either way both reactions are natural and normal. Love thy self anyway.


  •  Take each day in slow, simple steps, trusting your inner guidance and the prime creator.


~Before you were born you were connected to the loving ONE Source/Creator/Universe.

You still are.

The way will be shown to you if you ask a way to be made.~


  • Your role is to simply to have good intentions holding in your heart what it is that you want out of life  with the feeling of Love.


~After considering everything I realised one of my roles was to write this blog in order that it may help others like myself who were struggling with the TRUTH as newly awakened one’s. I figured out that we are all playing our roles in this awakening process perfectly, we each have our own unique tasks to do which is part of our collective goal.~


  •  Don’t compare yourself to others because we are all equal to each other, albeit some of us might have a larger task, but no matter: each role is just as unique and important as the other!


  •  Each role on the planet has to be played out for the whole sum to fit the final equation ~that of the Divine Creator.~




What do I do know that I am awakened?

 (don’t panic!)


Look at your life…. Evaluate it. Look at the people and circumstances there to teach you.


There may be a variety of ways to spread your soul ~light on this Planet, some of which may be:


  • It could be offering kind actions, assistance or words to others,
  • Voluntary work
  • it may be to write that special song or book or painting
  • Being alone and connecting to the divine
  • Mix of all the above!




  • Saying “I love you” to the Earth and it’s Living flesh,
  • silently every night and day through meditation / prayer can be a role you choose too!
  • This will assist Mother Gaia greatly: she feels the love!




  • You have the potential to help ONE GRATEFUL person this week who will find within them the courage out of your kindness, to go help ANOTHER FIVE grateful people and from those FIVE they will help another THIRTY PEOPLE.


That’s at least 90 people you could indirectly help this month. That’s the effect from your one act of compassion.Your role may be to lift the consciousness this way.


Another role I myself have been doing for a while now is what I will call the “Negative Eradicator” role.


These are some of us who soak up negative energy and transmute it to light and love for earth.


Due to life circumstances with the whole “starseed life change” thing~ I had to move back home as part of my soul contract to resolve conflicts within my immediate family:TO LEARN what I need in order to make progress to the intermediate, NEXT  level.


I think all families are nutty, but mine are exceptionally nutty and I love them for their nutty madness!


There is one person in my family amongst others who  loves screaming and getting angry over the smallest things! They love wallowing in anger. Before my awakening I used to feel the negativity very strongly from this person, and could not do much but feel sicky inside and feel the bad vibes all around this person, like “sticky energy.”


  •  UPDATE: Since awakening fully two weeks ago, I hardly feel ANY negativity from this  person. Everything this person throws out to the universe in anger, I make a silent prayer of compassion to surround that anger vibe they give off. This transmutes the anger to love for our Earth and for us as a family.
  • But it starts with LOVE first.


I feel this person is beginning to “feel”  the extent of the peace bubble I’m working around her, I FIND she’s ALOT ALOT ALOT more calmer around me!  When im around  there is no flipping out as much or throwing anger tantrums.


This is an example of  an empathic worker who transforms negative energy.



Your role also could be that positive person who simply exists and “observes” and you could be a “healer”.


  • All the roles you serve (however crap or worthless you may feel) is invaluable to the Divine. Your life experiences MATTER as long as you learn through each of them and shift inwards towards loving kindness towards yourself and others. Loving kindness means peace and harmony within yourself. 
  • You do matter and your happiness matters.


  • How can you help this planet? Send it thoughts of Love, Encouragement, and PEACE!!!
  • SEND yourself loving thoughts and visualise yourself with the Golden Light.


  • Love with COMPASSION and be attached to NOTHING in this world.



I hope this helps you.


 May the Glorious light encompass you now and forever,

may you shine my brothers and sisters OF the Divine Soul Spark!



Yours truly, Written with YOU in mind,



(Peace and Blessings of the Prime Creator upon you the beloved light ones on Planet Earth*) Your doing a fabulous job, keep it up, love to you! …..*  












~Your Relationship Questions Answered~


~Your Relationship Questions Answered~


Thanks to All Subscribers! :)


Sitara answers ~ spiritual ~relationship ~questions put to her regarding her recent article!








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Angel Perspective on Monogamy, Love & Relationships! ✿✿

So I’ve been asked about Monogamy, love & relationships.


“Is it ^possible^ to love TWO people deeply in your life

at the same time







~Yes you can love more than One

at the same time unconditionally

respectfully, and multidimensionally.~



  • The essence of Love  is NOT about lust its about TRUST.


It IS very much possible for a person to love more than 1 person equally and respectfully down here on Earth and I will explain why.


  • Please note, I am not promoting hedonism but speaking for freedom, choice and liberty !!!



Lets Examine The Higher Dimensional Relationship:


  • In the higher dimensions of love and light, BEINGS are liberated individuals (even if they are “married”) they have a contract between them promoting *freedom*  trust… loyalty… and no secrets, or lies.


  • This freedom EXTENDS TO and can allow them to have more than 1 husband/wife if they choose AND if its part of their soul learning/ evolution too as part of the higher divine plan.


  • AND all the partners are in mutual agreement too
  • (whilst in a state of unconditional love & respect for their current wife/husband.)
  • Sex is not viewed the same way as it is down here on Earth.
  • Procreation is not viewed the same way as it is down here on Earth


Ascended Master Teachings have shown that often spiritual people on Earth may have had more than one wife or husband in their lifetime. Which shows that ultimately the concepts of “Love” and Liberation was trying to be taught here on Earth by these spiritual one’s.


  • These same rights will be applicable on Earth even after transition. The freedom to love all without falling into lust, weakness, heartbreak, stupidity or despair.



We are here to expand and to put these newer changes/thoughts/feelings onto the humanity’s grid,which challenge linear left brain thinking AND not regurgitate the 3d programming of limitations!


Earth as we all know is a school for spiritual learning, training, and growth.


  • You and your life efforts here are valued AND  helped along by the angels, even if you are unaware of this remarkable truth.


So because Earth is a school for learning, we are faced with challenges to show our unconditional love for others… unconditional love means to accept what we can do whilst accepting others ~without judgment, and blame ~


  • Earth  was the ripe place to conduct this Human experiment.

Assuming that you have dissolved all the karmic baggage in your life… i.e. you transmuted the crap you had to learn in this life down here and passed the initial soul *tests* successfully ,

what happens is that  next you move up a *level*  called a transition point,

~where you are given another challenging test by your very own chosen *spiritual ascended master* who is helping you progress here… ~
A form of this soul  test could be that you are now already integrated with a high level spiritual partner on Earth Plane BUT at the same time you can love another unconditionally whilst at the same time maintaining loyalty, freedom, respect and integrity to both partners! (This does not involve sex, lying or cheating.)


In a test like this there is a tremendous opportunity to advance spiritually.

  • Once the test is set and you have accepted it on a soul level (and whoever else who is involved has accepted this test too)
  • it has to take place on the physical realm down here.


As it’s a free will zone so you’re allowed the freedom to behave in any manner you choose regarding your test, there are no boundary’s or limits,  that’s the paradox.


  • This test from the divine with regarding loving more than one wife/husband, is asking for the promotion of unconditional love consciousness to permeate this planet… and … fall into the earth’s grid and disperse to humanity to awaken them to NEW POSSIBILITIES, a world of freedom, love, and limitless!


The party of souls involved in this also fulfil their mission here on earth, (please note,)

The souls who are undergoing this type of tests are advanced and are ALSO from the same family/ soul group and not strangers. They are chosen purposely to help shift the expansion since they have to prove they don’t fall into the reptilian brain of lust only, they have to cultivate the higher 5d perspectives too whilst showing unconditional love.


Divine Principles:

  • Maintaining the feelings of integrity in any situation, will ensure goodness
  • Not to fall into the reptilian brain of lust, power, greed, consumption.
  • These are not real authentic divine love or based on any freedoms.


 On Judging Others Freedom to Love more than One :

  • Remember we cannot really jump into conclusions about people without having access to their akashic~book of life~ records to see why they are down here.


~It’s like doing a indepth film review about a film you haven’t seen  yourself for others.  It cannot be done efficiently, correctly or properly unless it’s from a deeper perspective of understanding and awareness. ~


We all have different paths, and some are highly advanced souls who have to challenge beyond the 3d limits which involves these kinds of tests (((to take back the  learning and findings to home planet )))  as well impart this knowledge into the human consciousness, so they grow in understanding about unconditional love, morals and respect.

You are asked to challenge EVERYTHING that you once believed and transmute it into a higher level of Divine PURE LOVE ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




 With Love, 





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Mother Gaia Cure: My Experiences Of Tea Tree Oil For Healing!

Hello, I wanted to make a post about my experiences of

~Mother Nature’s Cure: Tea Tree Oil For Healing the body, mind, soul ~


I feel its so important to refer to nature whenever we have issues, since nature is so wonderful and capable of healing itself through every season. We are part of the Earth’s eco system so it makes sense to refer to nature whenever we have any bouts of sickness,illness, or suffering since this planet, I believe, has a cure for everything!

Tea Tree oil is NO exception! this wonderful plant extract is so healing for many skin disorders.

This does depend on the person using it, so always decide in your heart  what’s right for you to use to treat your own health or afflictions as you are responsible for what you choose to treat your own ailments and health.

The views expressed in this article are from my own experiences with tea tree oil and is not to be taken as health advice


The oil itself is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree oil on Gaia and used by many for centuries  to help a variety of  diseases and those on skin (such as infections or burns.)


Similar types of  ~ health radiating Soul ~plants/tree’s/herbs ~ existed during the Atlantean and Lemurian era.







I absolutely fell in love with Tea Tree oil !

~ Also, to read more about me and my herbal soap making~


Love, Star!


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Desire, Willpower And Manifestations

Desire, Willpower And Manifestations

By Sitara Ansari, B.A (Hons)


Desire and Willpower BOTH come from our life ~force~ energy.

Both Desire and Willpower can be used for negative OR for positive purposes (depending on intentions.)


de·sire  is:


A strong feeling of wanting to have ~something~ or wishing for something to happen.



Willpower  is:


self-control: the trait of resolutely controlling your own behavior.



  • Both willpower and desire have to work together harmoniously to positively create the best out of your own life!



If your ~life soul energy is high~ your desires and will power is ensured success! 

This is a good attribute to have because the energy is so strong, powerful and EFFECTIVE that it can make your life, goals, dreams etc …manifest much quicker and rapidly!

***This is the same way  that the  Higher realm Angels ~operate~.***



Always~Always~ when a  desire is strongly MATCHED with a strong willpower, it is a certainty that you will get what you want and need out of your life!




Love, Star!





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3 Wonderful Ways to Enjoy A Spiritual Summer!

3 Wonderful ways to enjoy a Spiritual Summer!


I love summertime and seeing the flowers bloom and butterflies flying around, its so cute and relaxing to watch. Summertime is very special indeed because it’s the time when the Earth is showing her natural glory. The sun shines on and supports her.


Summer is enjoyed by most people because it is a healing time, a time to be outdoors or in the nature. It allows people to connect and bond much more easier then if it was at winter.



Here are my 3  tips on how you can have a spiritual summer:



1.   Have a get together of spiritual like minds friends! Sharing stories of your life journey and spending time together in physicality increases your vibration and the amount of angels surrounding you.


2.   Walk barefoot in the grass for 10 minutes daily, it is very healing and allows you to connect to the elements.



3.   Forgive yourself and others for any hurt that’s been inflicted in the past years, write your feelings or tell god/divine and let it out.


These are my 3 ways of making the summer time a special time for increasing wellbeing and abundance!



By understanding these principles, I Hope it helps you too!

Love, Star





You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include the following link: